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Tadalista: A Long-Lasting Erectile Dysfunction Medication


Tadalafil is the active constituent present in Tadalista. It is used to treat sexual function problems in men. It improves the erectile function by increasing the blood flow to the penile organ. It is sold in the form of almond-shaped, yellow-colored pills. The branded version of this medication is Cialis.

The active component, Tadalafil present in Tadalista was approved for the treatment of impotence in men by the FDA in 2003. In addition to erectile dysfunction, Tadalista also helps in to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and pulmonary hypertension.

This medicine is not an aphrodisiac. It will produce the desired results only if a man is sexually aroused. Due to its long duration of action, Tadalista is the most preferred erectile dysfunction medication.


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Action Mechanism

Tadalafil present in Tadalista inhibits the action of PDE-5 enzyme. The PDE-5 enzyme is abundantly present inside the penile region. The inhibition process elevates the levels of cGMP inside the penile region.

The role of cGMP is the relaxation of smooth muscles and dilation of the blood vessels. The dilated blood vessels improve the amount of blood reaching the penile organ. An adequate amount of blood produces a firm erection of the penile organ.

The dilated blood vessels supply an increased amount of blood supply to the penile region. This produces a firm and strong penile erection.

The effect of Tadalista can be observed in 20 minutes post oral consumption. While its action persists for a long duration of 36 hours.


  • Tadalista 10mg is the generally prescribed dose. The dose can be increased or decreased depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction and the health status of an individual.
  • Do not take this medication in a greater or lesser amount than prescribed by the physician.
  • This medication is to be taken by mouth.
  • This medication can be taken with or without meals.
  • For effective results, take Tadalista at least half an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse.
  • Crushing, chewing or breaking the oral tablet can result in an incorrect amount of dose reaching the body.


  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking Tadalista. If you have any questions or doubts, ask your physician or the pharmacist.
  • Read the instructions given on the prescription leaflet carefully before taking this medicine.
  • Take the oral tablets of Tadalista only when you wish to indulge in sexual intercourse.
  • Avoid taking this medicine if you have a history of allergy to its active or inactive component.
  • Avoid taking medicines like amlodipine, ketoconazole, nitroglycerine, carbamazepine, and phenytoin, etc. with Tadalista.

Side Effects

The sides effects observed with this medication are minimal. They last only until the drug is present inside the body. The following side effects commonly occur while taking Tadalista-

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Back pain

Inform your healthcare provider immediately, if the above symptoms last for a long time or they worsen over a period of time. If you develop serious side effects such as passing out or difficulty in breathing, seek immediate medical assistance.


  • Tadalista is contraindicated in users suffering from heart problems, stroke, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction, eye problems, and bleeding disorders.
  • Men under 18 years of age should stay away from this medicine.
  • This medication should be administered with caution in users taking any of the blood pressure-lowering medications.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it is likely to produce symptoms such as flushing, fainting, persistent headaches, and dizziness. Any of these symptoms, if observed should be immediately reported to the physician.


What is Tadalista?

Tadalista is the generic version of the brand Cialis. The generic versions are cheaper as compared to the branded versions. It comes in the form of almond-shaped, yellow-colored oral tablets. So, everyone can afford this medication. You require a valid copy of a doctor’s prescription for purchasing Tadalista.

What does it contain?

Tadalista contains Tadalafil as the active constituent. Tadalafil is the FDA approved drug. It is a potent PDE-5 inhibitor. It effectively treats impotence by improving the blood flow to the penile organ.

What effect does it have on the body?

Tadalafil in Tadalista inhibits the action of PDE-5 enzyme. This leads to an increase in the concentration of cGMP levels. The increased c GMP levels produce relaxation of smooth muscles and dilation of the blood vessels. The dilated blood vessels increase the amount of blood reaching the penile organ. The improved blood flow results in strong and firm penile erection.

Is it habit forming?

This medication does not produce dependence. It is non-habit forming.

When does the action of this medicine start?

The action of this medicine starts within 20 minutes after taking this medication orally. While its action lasts for 36 hours. The active constituent present in Tadalista has the longest duration of action.

How to take this medication?

This medication is to be consumed only on demand. Remember, this medication will not produce any effect if a man is not sexually stimulated. Take the oral tablets of Tadalista at least 30 minutes before having sexual intercourse. Take these tablets with water. You can take them with meals or without meals.

Does Tadalista come without side effects?

Every medicine with action will have side effects. The lower doses of Tadalista have negligible side effects. The chances of experiencing side effects increase with dose. The commonly observed side effects of this medicine include headache, nausea, flushing, back pain, and sinus congestion. These side effects subside after the drug eliminates from the body. However, if these side effects worsen or last for a long time, immediately call your health care provider.

Where to purchase?

Tadalista can be purchased at local pharmacy shops or online pharmacies. Online pharmacy shops sell medications at discounted rates. Always be careful while ordering online. Order only from authentic and genuine online pharmacy shops.

Customer's Review

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  • Ever since I started using Tadalista I’m feeling more and more energetic when it comes to making love. I was advised to take Cialis, which I used for a couple of months, but it was burning a hole in my pocket. I came across Tadalista through this store because I found that the active drug is the same – Tadalafil. Tadalista is just like Cialis and saves me a lot of money. If you are a Cialis user, I’d recommend switching to Tadalista to save a great amount of money.