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Memantine Treats Moderate To Severe Alzheimer’s disease


Memantine is a prescription medication sold under the brand Namenda, Axura, and Ebixa. It is to be taken by mouth. It is prescribed for treating moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease. Remember, it will not cure Alzheimer’s disease; it will only help to improve the symptoms of the condition – such as memory loss, cognitive decline, and inability to perform daily tasks.

Memantine was approved in the United States in 2003 for medical use. The generic form of this medication is also available in the market. Memantine works by decreasing the action of chemicals in the brain that may lead to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Chemically, it is denoted as 1-amino-3,5-dimethyladamantane and its molecular formula is C12H21N•HCl with the molecular weight of 215.76. It appears as a fine white to off-white powder and is water-soluble.


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Action Mechanism

Uninterrupted activation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in the central nervous system triggered by glutamate are thought to produce some of the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease. This over activation is assumed to contribute to neurotoxicity because of the excitatory properties of glutamate. Memantine blocks the effects of glutamate, a neurotransmitter present inside the brain, which produces neuronal excitability and excessive stimulation in Alzheimer's disease. The onset of action and the duration of effect is not clinically established for this medication.


  • Memantine is usually taken once a day with or without food or as directed by your physician.
  • Before you take this medicine, read and follow the instructions given on the prescription leaflet carefully.
  • The dose will vary depending on your age, the severity of the condition, and overall health.
  • In order to remember the dosage timing, take Memantine at the same time every day.
  • Take this medication regularly to obtain maximum benefit.


  • Tell your doctor if you are suffering from any kind of allergy or if you have a history of allergy to its active or inactive components.
  • Do not take Memantine if you are suffering from epilepsy, liver dysfunction, kidney, dysfunction, urinary problems, and infection of bladder or kidney.
  • Before undergoing any kind of surgery, inform your doctor about the usage of this medicine.
  • Pregnant ladies should consult their physician before using Memantine.
  • Also, consult your doctor regarding the use of this medicine if you are breast-feeding.

Side Effects

Majority of the users taking Memantine do not experience serious side effects. The most commonly observed side effects include

  • Drowsiness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Back pain
  • Vomiting

These side effects are mild and temporary. They do not last long. However, if the above-mentioned side effect/effects last longer or exacerbate, immediately seek medical assistance.


  • Memantine is known to interact with medicines such as acetazolamide, methazolamide, and sodium bicarbonate. So, avoid simultaneous use of this medication.
  • Never start, stop, or change the dose by yourself, without consulting your doctor.
  • Avoid driving, operating machinery or doing any activity that requires mental alertness as this medication is likely to induce drowsiness.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol while taking Memantine.
  • Also, inform your doctor if you are using marijuana (cannabis).


How should I take Memantine?

Memantine aids to relieve the symptoms of dementia in Alzheimer's disease. This medication is to be taken every day, at the same time each day. It can be taken either before or after food. Your doctor will prescribe a lower dose at the beginning of the treatment.

Can I stop taking Memantine?

Your physician will initially prescribe you a low dose of this medication and slowly will increase its dose, but no more than once each week. This medication can only improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease but it will not cure it. Never stop taking this medication without consulting your physician.

Does Memantine improve memory?

Yes, it can improve memory, cognizance, and ability to perform daily tasks. It works by blocking the effects of glutamate, a neurotransmitter present inside the brain, which leads to neuronal excitability and excessive stimulation in Alzheimer's disease.

Is Memantine a sedative?

Memantine is prescribed for symptomatic treatment of moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. It may exert a sedative effect similar to ketamine.

What are the side effects of Memantine?

The common side effects of this medication include dizziness, nausea, body pain, constipation, and vomiting. These are temporary and subside once the drug is eliminated from the body.

Customer's Review

Average Rating : 5 / 5

  • My husband has had Parkinson’s for more than 6 years. He started having memory problems 3 years ago. He was advised a few medications before switching on to memantine twice a day. Memantine has been working quite well on him and his memory has improved a bit. I think his Parkinson’s is also improving a bit. Overall, I happy that memantine is working well on him.