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Modvigil Is a Clinically Safe and Effective Nootropic Agent


Modvigil is a super effective smart drug and nootropic agent, which is advised to people with extreme daytime sleepiness because of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is known to have wakefulness-promoting properties, keeping you awake during your working hours. Modvigil is effective for those who have shift work sleep disorderbecause its active drug modafinil keeps you from sleeping while you are on a shift work.

Modvigil does not cure sleep disorders or sleepiness permanently. Also, it does not cure fatigue or hold off sleep for a longer duration in people without sleep disorders.In addition to treating sleepiness, Modvigilis effective at boosting cognitive abilities because it improves overall brain function. The active drug Modafinil is non-addictive, which means the user will not develop drug dependence while using it.


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Action Mechanism

The precise action mechanism of Modvigil when it comes to keeping you awake or alert is still unclear. However, researchers presume that this smart drug has a potent action on the central nervous system, affecting certain brain chemicals or neurotransmitters and alerting your sleep and wake cycle. As the drug has a beneficial effect on the brain function, it is also known to improve one’s cognitive function and keep them alert for a good amount of period.


  • For appropriate dosage and directions, you must check with your doctor because the dosage, in particular, depends on the severity of your condition and drug response.
  • For narcolepsy and OSA, take Modvigil dose once a day in the morning. For shift work sleep disorder, take it an hour before your shift starts.
  • You can take this medication with or without food, but keep in mind that the drug may take a bit longer to act if you take it with food.
  • It is essential to take the medicine regularly so you can notice an improvement in your symptoms.
  • When you take this medication for a longer duration, it is more likely that the drug would not be as effective as it was in initial.


  • Before you take Modvigil, you must inform your doctor whether you have any history of drug allergy, including modafinil or armodafinil.
  • Before taking this nootropic drug, you must tell your doctor whether you have any other medical condition, such as heart disease, neurological disorder, history of substance abuse, or any other conditions.
  • It is essential that you tell your doctor about modvigil you take, be it a prescription drug, an OTC drug, a multivitamin or herbal supplement, or any other smart drug in order to prevent adverse drug interactions.
  • While undergoing treatment with this medicine, if your doctor suggests you any surgery, please inform that you have been taking Modvigil for your sleep trouble.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble sleeping

If any of these side effects worsen or aggravate, immediately see your doctor. Go to your nearest ER if you experience side effects such as increased heartbeats, palpitations, mood swings, confusion, suicidal thoughts, or depression.


  • Although Modvigil is one of the non-addictive smart drugs, it may be addictive in some users. The risk of dependence is more in people with a history of drug or substance abuse.
  • You must take this medication exactly as recommended by your prescribing doctor to prevent dependence or addiction.
  • The drug helps you to stay alert but still you may have issues doing things safely, which require instant reactions, like driving. This smart drug can make you feel a bit dizzy as well.
  • Stay away from consuming alcohol or using marijuana (cannabis) during the course of treatment with this nootropic agent.
  • Please check with your doctor about using this sleep disorder drug if you are pregnant or nursing a child because modafinil may affect unborn or newborn babies.


What is Modvigil?

This medicine is one of the most effective and widely used smart drug or nootropic agents, which has wakefulness-promoting properties. It is prescribed for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness in people with certain sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It is also effective at boosting cognitive abilities and improving brain function.

Is Modvigil a narcotic drug?

Many patients who take Modvigil for narcolepsy, OSA, shift work sleep disorder, or cognitive decline do not develop dependence. This drug is classifiedunder the therapeutic agents called “Non-narcotic Schedule-IV racemic compounds.”

Is Modvigil a stimulant?

To some extent, yes. This medicine belongs to the family of drug known as eugeroic, a type of stimulant that keeps you mentally alert and awake for a considerable period of time.

Is Modvigil legal?

The active drug Modafinil is classified under the family of drugs “Schedule 4” prescription-only drugs in the United States and Australia. It is a legal drug thathas been approved by the drug regulatory agencies of other countries for treating sleep disorders.

Is there a difference between Modvigil and Modafinil?

No. In fact, Modafinil is the active drug composition of Modvigil. So. This medicine is nothing but a generic version of Provigil.

What are the symptoms of Modvigil overdose?

Modvigil overdose symptoms include sleeplessness (insomnia), anxiety, restlessness, disorientation, hallucination or delusions. Nausea and diarrhea are other common symptoms of overdose.

Customer's Review

Average Rating : 4 / 5

  • Modvigil is my go-to smart drug. I’m narcoleptic and I always keep this medicine with me to keep myself alert, especially when I’m driving or doing things that need me to stay awake. I usually take Modvigil once in the morning and that’s enough for me to stay absolutely vigilant.

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