Retino A Cream
Retino A Cream
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    Tretinoin (0.05% w/w)
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    Janssen Pharmaceuticals
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    25 days
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  • Strength: 0.025%

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Retino-A 0.025% Cream To Treat Acne


Retino A Cream is an ointment that treats acne and pimple spots on your body specifically on areas such as the face, back, and chest. It also helps to even out and smooth the skin eliminating the pores, acne, pimples. It contains an active drug, which is Tretinoin in 0.025% (w/w) concentration. It helps to keep skin hydrated and reduces excess oil from your skin. Use this cream as long as your doctor advises. Wash your face and dry it and apply enough amount it on the affected area on your skin. Follow your doctor’s directions. Avoid applying in on wounds or broken skin as it may irritate. This drug is effective enough to treat acne.

Retino A Cream

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Action Mechanism

Tretinoin is the active ingredient in the Retino A Cream that works to prevent acne on your skin. It is applied to the skin topically. It is applied on acne and sun-damaged skin. The active ingredient irritates the skin and helps to grow new cells rapidly. Use it regularly to smooth and even your skin. It works to prevent acne for a long time. By the same mechanism, the Retino A Cream can reduce few wrinkles, darkened skin patches (hyperpigmentation), and rough areas of skin. These problems arise due to sun damage.


  • You may consult your doctor before you start using Retino A Cream for treating acne and pimples. Before using this drug, read the leaflet carefully for instructions; you may also apply it as advised by your doctor. Wash your hands before applying Retino A Cream.
  • Before applying the cream, wash your face or clean it with a cleanser, then use the Retino A Cream with your fingertips on the affected area and massage it.
  • Usually, your doctor may advise you to apply Retino A Cream cream before going to bed. You can also wait for 20 to 30 minutes after washing your face and then use the cream.
  • You can apply Retino A Cream with your fingertips. You can also use a cotton pad or swab to spread it evenly.


  • When you are applying Retino A Cream, make sure you do not use it on an open wound, scar, burn, eczema, etc. It will irritate the wound and may cause side effects.
  • Remember to wash your hands after its application on your face or other parts of your body to avoid touching your cream-filled hand on your eyes.
  • Do not stop using Retino A Cream abruptly. Use it as long it is advised to you. It takes time to work but has higher benefits.
  • Avoid using a larger amount of Retino A Cream than prescribed as it may cause redness or irritation on your skin.

Side Effects

Below mentioned are the side effects of Retino A Cream. The common side effects vanish after some time. Take medical help immediately if they persist for a long time. Do not avoid any severe side effects that are damaging your skin.

  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Itching
  • Worsening acne


  • If you are allergic to any active or inactive ingredients present in Retino A Cream, inform your doctor before you begin using it. You should also mention if you are allergic to medicines that contain Vitamin A.
  • Avoid going to tanning booths and sunlamps. This drug may cause photosensitivity, which may irritate your skin. If you are traveling out daily, remember to apply sunscreen.
  • Extreme weather such as wind and cold may also irritate your skin. Inform your doctor if you experience skin irritation because of weather changes.
  • If you have any skin disease or if you have eczema, tell your doctor. People with eczema should avoid using Retino A Cream.
  • Avoid applying Retino A Cream if you have sunburn or blisters. Wait until your skin heals and becomes normal. In such a case, consult your doctor.


What is Retino A Cream?

Retinol is a type of vitamin A suitable for the skin. It helps to treat acne. It falls in the category of vitamin A derivatives that are called retinoids. Certain retinoids are low-strength retinol, can be easily purchased over the counter (OTC) without a doctor’s prescription. Besides, others like tretinoin; are more powerful and should be used under medical supervision.

What does it do?

Retinol is used for multiple purposes. It is widely used for controlling acne and can easily target areas for high pigmentation. Besides, the Reino A cream is also known to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage.

Are there any side effects one should know?

Stronger retinoid medicines like Retino A Cream have a little long list of side effects. This cream for treating acne is potent; therefore, many first-time users have reported irritation, including redness, dryness, and peeling. Eczema flare-ups, skin discoloration, swelling, and stinging are rare occurrences.

Does Retino A Cream cause sensitivity to sunlight?

Yes, Retino A Cream might cause enhanced sensitivity to the sunlight when you apply this cream on the regular basis. Therefore, avoid or make sure you limit your exposure to the sunlight and sunlamps, or else; you will end up getting skin rash. You are recommended to use sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 and wear protective clothing whenever traveling outside on a sunny day.

Can I use makeup products once I have applied Rentino A Cream?

You must use; or apply cosmetics minimum after one hour of applying Retino A Cream, but make sure to avoid cosmetics with a strong drying effect as they may enhance skin irritation. If you want to use any cosmetics, clean your face before applying Retino A Cream again.

Does Rentino A Cream cause skin irritation?

Yes, Retino A Cream may cause skin irritation, burning sensation, or itching where you have applied Retino A Cream. Extreme weather conditions such as cold or wind may also irritate the skin of an individual using Retino A Cream Cream. However, if the irritation does not stop, avoid using Retino A Cream and consult a doctor.

Does Retino A Cream reduce wrinkles? 

Retino A Cream does not work to reduce wrinkles or repair sun-damaged skin. Retino A Cream might reduce fine wrinkles when used along with other skincare products for wrinkles.

For how long should I use Retino A Cream for treating acne?

Usually, Retino A Cream is recommended for six months for treating acne. It depends on the severity of the acne you have. However, many people get effective results within six months of regular use of Retino A Cream. You should always use it as prescribed by your dermatologist.

Does Retino A Cream cure blood cancer?

Yes, the oral form of Retino A Cream is recommended for the treatment of leukemia (a type of blood cancer that causes an increase in WBCs). You can consult your health professional for detailed information.

Customer's Review

Average Rating : 5 / 5

  • Retino-A cream worked well for my acne and skin texture, although there were some noticeable side effects, like early inflammation and sun sensitivity.

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