Proficent HCG
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    HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
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    Exeltis – Ordain Health Care
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Proficent HCG Improves Fertility In Women


Proficent HCG is an injecting solution, which primarily helps to treat infertility in women as well as it also helps to treat male hypogonadism (delayed puberty and low sperm count). This injecting solution contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) that allows releasing the egg into the ovary in women, and in men, it helps to increase testosterone level. Take this injection under medical supervision. Your doctor will decide the time and dosage of Proficent HCG injection. It is majorly used only by women to initiate a cycle of ovulation, which improves fertility and chances of conceiving. The dosage of Proficent HCG injection depends on whether you are a male or female. You should take this medicine for as long as it is prescribed for you.

Proficent HCG

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Action Mechanism

Proficent HCG injection contains Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). It is a human sex hormone that helps to improve fertility in women. This injection helps for the final maturation stimulation of the luteinizing hormone. Administration of Proficent HCG injection in the presence of one or more mature ovarian follicles helps to trigger ovulation. After 38 to 40 hours of injecting the Proficent HCG, procedures are performed in this span, such as intrauterine insemination or sexual intercourse. As this hormone helps to release the egg in the fallopian tube, it gets fertilized and further develops into an embryo.


  • Proficent HCG injection is instilled intramuscularly, meaning it is instilled in the muscles.
  • The dosage of Proficent HCG injection depends on the medical history, health, weight, and response of the candidate to the drug.
  • One should administer the dosage as advised by your physician.
  • The Proficent HCG injection should be instilled by a medical professional. For women, the dosage is 5000 IU to 10000 IU to stimulate ovulation for fertilization.
  • Administer the dosage safely. New needles should be used every time. Remember to discard the needle after each use.


  • Before you take this Proficent HCG hormone injection, tell your doctor about your detailed medical history. Remember to inform him if you have any chronic health issues.
  • Avoid self-injecting, instill Proficent HCG under medical supervision to avoid any risks.
  • If you have a liver or kidney disorder, consult your doctor before administering this injection.
  • Check the injection vial avoid using vials that come with a broken seal. Always check the expiry date of the vial before using it.
  • The needles should be discarded after every use.
  • When you are taking Proficent HCG shots, ask your doctor about avoiding food, average, and activity.
  • Contact your physician immediately if you miss the dosage of Proficent HCG.

Side Effects

Below mentioned are the common side effects. Most women are likely to experience them after getting a shot. However, if these side effects worsen or persist for a prolonged period, inform your doctor right away or call 911. Do not avoid such side effects as they will cause may cause severe health complications.

  • Headache
  • Pain at the site of injection
  • Tiredness
  • Restlessness or anxiety
  • Mood changes
  • Irritability


  • Avoid consumption of alcohol while you are expecting to get fertile or consult your doctor regarding alcohol consumption.
  • Pregnant women should strictly avoid instilling of Proficent HCG injection. It could be harmful to your baby.
  • Women with cardiac issues, seizures, migraine, and asthma issues should avoid getting a Proficent HCG shot.
  • Also, women who are allergic to the HCG hormone should not take this injection.
  • The injection may cause drug interaction; therefore, tell your doctor if you are taking any prescription and OTC medicines.
  • Avoid using the vial if you observe any discoloration or any changes in the solution.
  • Avoid Proficent HCG overdose. It can cause severe health problems. In such a case, tell your doctor right away

Customer's Review

Average Rating : 4 / 5

  • I was trying to conceive for any year, but because I had a fertility problem, and I was not getting pregnant. My doctor advised me to take a Proficent HCG dosage shot to improve fertility. Taking it regularly helped me to conceive