Generic Plavix
Generic Plavix
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Generic plavix uses, indications, precautions


Generic Plavix is prescribed to prevent strokes and heart attacks in patients with pre-existing heart disease, recent history of stroke, or vascular disease. Actively composed of Clopidogrel, Generic Plavix is also used with Aspirin to treat chest pain (unstable angina). It prevents blood clots by keeping the blood vessels open. It works as an anticoagulant.

Generic Plavix

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Action Mechanism

Clopidogrel is the active drug composition of Generic Plavix, which works by blocking the platelets from sticking together and preventing them from forming clots. It is a selective antiplatelet drug. It helps keep blood flowing flawlessly in your body. Clopidogrel is an antagonist of platelet activation and aggregation. It does so through the irreversible binding of its active metabolite to certain receptors on platelets.


  • Take Generic Plavix orally with or without food or as directed by your physician.
  • You need to take this medicine usually once daily and on a regular basis to get the most benefit from it. Make sure take it at the same time each day.
  • The dosage and duration of therapy are based on your medical condition and response to the treatment. If you are taking it to prevent clots after a stent implant or any other procedure, take Generic Plavix with Aspirin for many months or maybe years after the procedure. Consult your physician for more details.
  • It is important to continue taking Generic Plavix. Do not stop taking it without consulting your physician.
  • Avoid eating grapefruits or drinking grapefruit juice while undergoing treatment with this medication. Grapefruit can increase the risk of side effects with this anticoagulant medicine. Ask your physician for more details.
  • Get medical attention right away if you have any unwanted symptoms after using this medicine, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, unusual perspiration, weakness, slurred speech, sudden vision improvement, or confusion.


  • Before taking Generic Plavix, tell your physician if you are allergic to Clopidogrel or any other antiplatelet drugs such as thienopyridines.
  • This generic medicine may contain inactive drugs, which can cause allergic reactions so talk to your physician for more details.
  • Prior to using this medication, tell your physician about your medical history, especially bleeding disorders.
  • Before undergoing any surgery, tell your physician about all the products you have been using, including prescription/OTC drugs, herbal products, or supplements.
  • Your physician will instruct you to stop Generic Plavix for at least five days before undergoing any surgical intervention.

Side Effects

  • Easy bleeding
  • Easy bruising
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea or constipation

NOTE :These are common side effects of Generic Plavix. If any of these adverse effects persist, tell your physician promptly. Remember that your physician has prescribed Generic Plavix because he or she has judged that the benefits to you are greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this antiplatelet medicine do not experience serious side effects


  • To reduce the chance of getting bruised or injured, be cautious while using sharp objects like razors and nail cutters.
  • Generic Plavix may cause stomach bleeding. So, avoid use of alcohol while undergoing treatment with this medicine.
  • During pregnancy, Generic Plavix should be used only when it is clearly indicated. Discuss the risks and benefits with your physician
  • It is not clearly understood if this drug passes into breast milk. Please consult your physician before you breast-feed
  • Do not overdose with prescription medicine; otherwise, you may experience unpleasant side effects.


Customer's Review

Average Rating : 4 / 5

  • I had a history of stroke. So, my doctor has advised me to take Generic Plavix to reduce the risk of getting another stroke. I purchased it from MedexpressRx at an extremely cheaper rate.

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