Intacaine Jelly
Intacaine Jelly
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Intacaine Jelly Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Reviews


Intacaine Jelly is a local anesthetic gel that helps to numb a particular area on your body when applied. One of its therapeutic use is for palliating premature ejaculation. The study conducted in the year 2003 has proved that Intacaine Jelly works effectively to control premature ejaculation. This jelly is actively composed of 2% lidocaine. This jelly acts efficaciously by decreasing the sensitivity of skin tissue. Using Intacaine Jelly on the penile organ works to make it less sensitive comparatively during sexual intercourse. Therefore, in short, it means that applying this jelly helps to last longer during sexual activity by palliating and helps you to last longer during sexual activity. Men with PE have an average intravaginal ejaculation latency time of 84 seconds. Besides, after applying Intacaine Jelly it is approximately 11 minutes.

Intacaine Jelly

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Action Mechanism

Lidocaine is the active ingredient present in this gel belongs to the class of anesthetic drugs. Therefore, it efficiently works to lower the sensitivity when you apply the gel on the penile head and the shaft of the penile organ, as sensitivity is one of the most common causes of premature ejaculation. Therefore, this drug is a simple solution to overcome this sexual disorder. It works by temporarily blocking the sensory signals along the nerves. However, this drug avoids complete loss of sensitivity and inhibit the sensitivity; it only helps to lower the sensitivity and make you last for a long time to satisfy your partner and yourself as well.


  • Before you start using Intacaine Jelly, read the leaflet carefully to know the instruction about using this gel correctly. If your doctor has prescribed this drug, you can use it as directed by your doctor.
  • You need to apply this Intacaine Jelly numbing gel 15 to 20 minutes before indulging in sexual activity. Take the small amount of this gel and rub or message is of the penile head and the shaft.
  • Your doctor may also advise you to wash away the once its work completes to avoid numbness in your partner’s reproductive organ. The effect of this Intacaine Jelly lasts up to 36 hours.
  • You need to find out the amount of gel that will lower the sensitivity for you. If you do not see much improvement, you may increase the dosage after consulting your doctor.


  • Ask your doctor before using Intacaine Jelly to palliate premature ejaculation. Before using Intacaine Jelly ointment, tell your doctor if you are allergic to its active ingredient lidocaine or other inactive ingredients that are present in this gel.
  • Avoid applying it if there is a wound or if your mucosa membrane is exposed. It will lead to the rapid absorption of this drug in the body, which can be dangerous.
  • Also, people allergic to certain anesthetic medicines should discuss with their doctor before using Intacaine Jelly to palliate premature ejaculation.
  • Avoid using it more than what is recommended to you; it will cause harm to your health.

Side Effects

Below-mentioned are the common side effects of Intacaine Jelly. However, using a small amount of this gel as advised by your doctor does not cause any side effects. Some severe side effects may persist for a long time. In such a case, tell your doctor right away.

  • Mild stinging or burning sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Fainting
  • Ringing in the ears


  • Stop using Intacaine Jelly if you experience any allergic reactions such as itching, rash, or swelling. Inform your doctor immediately if you observe such signs.
  • This Intacaine Jelly has not proven to be safe if your partner is pregnant. However, you can discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.
  • If your partner is lactating and you want to use Intacaine Jelly, you need to consult your doctor first.
  • This gel is overall safe for men who are suffering from kidney or liver disorder. However, use it under medical supervision.


How does Intacaine Jelly treat premature ejaculation?

Intacaine Jelly contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that is used to numb specific areas of the body. It is, in fact, one of the most commonly used anesthetics in the world. As an anesthetic jelly, Intacaine can be an effective pain reliever as well as premature ejaculation (PE) treatment – thanks to its numbing effect. When it is applied to the penile organ, lidocaine decreases your sensation during penetrative sex, meaning you are less likely to ejaculate earlier during sex.

How effective is Intacaine Jelly?

Clinical studies of lidocaine application have shown that it works very well as a treatment for PE. For instance, a small 2003 study found that men with PE went an intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) of more than 10 minutes after applying lidocaine. In addition, those who used lidocaine jelly did not have any negative impact on their orgasm or sexual performance. Intacaine Jelly does affect your sensitivity during sexual activity but it does not overly numb your penile organ.

How to use Intacaine Jelly?

Using Intacaine Jelly for PE is simple. Just apply the jelly to the penile organ 10 to 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. Gently rub the jelly in a circle-shaped pattern until it is absorbed by the penis. Once you are done with sexual intercourse, make sure you wipe your penile organ with a wet towel or take a shower. Do not forget to wipe your hands as well, as lidocaine jelly can numb your skin if left there for too long. Please note that Intacaine Jelly may take 15 minutes to start working.

Is Intacaine Jelly safe?

Actively composed of lidocaine, Intacaine Jelly is the world’s most common, clinically proven anesthetic. Several studies have shown that it is safe and well-tolerated by people. However, Intacaine Jelly is unsafe if you are allergic to lidocaine. If used as recommended by a medical provides, Intacaine Jelly may cause minimal side effects. Excessive application of Intacaine Jelly could increase the risk of side effects such as temporary loss of sensitivity.

Is it safe to use Intacaine Jelly with Generic Viagra?

Topical lidocaine jelly and sildenafil (Generic Viagra) do not interact with each other so it is considered safe to use both at the same time. In fact, research has shown that using Generic Viagra for erectile dysfunction (ED) along with topical Intacaine Jelly for PE is safe with no reported negative effects. However, research does not suggest that using these two medications is more effective when used together.

How long does Intacaine Jelly last?

The effects of Intacaine Jelly may last for up to a few hours. In most cases, the numbing effects of lidocaine last for about an hour after applying it to the penile organ. One can apply the jelly while the penis is flaccid or erect. Apply the jelly to the head and shaft of the penis because those areas are more sensitive during penetrative sex.

Customer's Review

Average Rating : 4 / 5

  • I had severe PE, and thats why I could not last for a long time during intercourse. I got to know about this amazing gel. It made my life much simpler than ever. The best part about Intacaine Jelly is it easy to use.

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