Tadalis 20mg - A Cost Effective and Quick Treatment for Impotence


Tadalis is the oral medication to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The long lasting effect of this medication is well known and it also gives quick results. The effect can be noticed in 30 minutes time and it lasts for about 24 to 36 hours. Tadalis is the generic version which contain tadalafil as its major ingredient.

Tadalafil has the same effects on young men as it has on the older men. It treats impotency whatever maybe the cause. The single pill is more than enough to give long lasting results thus giving the user a better stiffness to perform the sexual activity.

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Time it takes to start working: Tadalis is effective in 30 minutes after the consumption.

1:  Once the medicine is consumed by the user tadalafil reaches the place of action of the user by increasing the blood flow by depositing nitric oxide and relaxing the penile arteries. Once the veins open up the blood flow in the penile region is augmented.

2:  Tadalis is the well known PDE5 inhibitor which is known to be the actual reason to cause impotency in men.

3:  Tadalis increase the flow of cyclic GMP which increases the flow of blood to the male reproductive organ thus helping the impotent men to gain a stiffer organ. The veins in the organ get stiff and erect by restraining the flow of blood out of it.

4:  The blood thus rests in the male reproductive organ for a longer period of time and the effect of which lass up to 24 to 36 hours thus giving a better hard on to men suffering from impotency.

Effect Lasting: 24 to 36 hours is the effect of the Tadalis only when the person is sexually stimulated.
•  The recommended dosage of tadalis is 20mg and should be consumed once in a day.

•  The pill should be consumed 30 to 40 minutes before the sexual activity as this is the minimum time required for the pill to be effective.

•  Since the effect of the pill lasts for about 24 to 36 hours it is recommended to maintain a gap of at least 30 hours before consuming the second pill.

•  Men who suffer from kidney and liver disorders should not consume pill which has recommended dosage of more than10mg.

NOTE: Never increase the dosage of tadalis in case the first pill is not effective, it is advised to consult your doctor for better feedback.
•  Tadalis is the medicine that includes Tadalafil as its major ingredient that is phosphodiesterase inhibitor. In case, if you are allergic to Tadalafil or any other phosphodiesterase inhibitor medications then please do not consume this drug.

•  A doctor’s consultation is mandatory for men who suffer from liver and kidney disorder.

•  Patients with higher sugar levels or diabetic patients should not consume this medication. It is suggested to consult a doctor for such patients before consuming this pill.

•  Never combine tadalis with grape fruit as it may lead to fatal health complications.

•  Alcohol intake is not advisable for men who consume tadalis as alcohol can delay the effect or may even lead to fatal health effects.

•  Older men should always consult their doctor regarding the dosage of this pill, as the dosage adjustment may be required depending on the health of the individual.

Common Effects of Tadalis:

•  Blurred vision
•  Body ache
•  Color blindness
•  Stomach pain
•  Vomiting and Nausea
•  Headache
•  Indigestion
•  Diarrhea

NOTE:The side effects mentioned above are not permanent and will fade away in sometime. The side effects will also diminish once the body gets used to the medication, but in case if you suffer from persistent effects you consult your physician immediately. Side effects like heavy breathing or breathlessness, increase of heart beat and an increase in heart beat should be reported immediately.

•  This medicine should be kept out of the reach of women and children as it may lead to health complications

•  Men who suffer from diabetes should not consume this pill especially in the case if you have high blood sugar levels. Consult a doctor for a better option.

•  Do not consume grape fruit or grape juice after or before the consumption of tadalis.

•  Never increase the dosage without doctor’s recommendation as it may lead to habit and can have adverse effects on one’s health.

•  Nitrate drugs should not be mixed with tadalis as the patient can suffer from severe health complications.

•  Never take Tadalis in combination with nitrate containing drugs because serious health complications are being noted.

Customer's Review


"I had been taking injection around my penile region for obtaining erection. Thought it was effective, it was quite painful and I felt unsecure while injecting as I needed to be very careful while injecting. But when I started taking Tadalis oral pills I felt secured as all I have to do is imbibe the pill and enjoy my time."

BOB, CLARK, Nashville

"Tadalis works great; it was a very good feeling to experience my virility back in track. I feel younger than my age (31) and can perform as a hot blooded male. I wonder whether the local biker babes can bear me!!"

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