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Kamagra is a drug which is designed to treat ED. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) divests men of their ability to attain penile erection. Marred erectile ability prevents ED victim from successfully and satisfactorily accomplishing act of sexual procreation. With use of the medicine the erectile mechanism can be restored and enhanced to considerable level. Approximately in 96% cases the medicine has proven to be successful. Kamagra contains Sildenafil Citrate – a potent Phosphodiesterase (Type-5) inhibitor and active component of the drug. This ingredient is approved by FDA for use against ‘male impotence’ (ED). It should not be considered as ‘aphrodisiac’ as it does not produce sexual stimulation but provides significant erection, after detecting sexual signals in the body.


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1  Erectile Dysfunction is mainly caused due to consequences of Phosphodiesterase- 5 (PDE-5) functioning. PDE Type 5 affects the count of Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) in the body. cGMP is a significant enzyme for successful erectile functioning of reproductive organ in men. Mechanism of male penile erection becomes marred due this process which deprives blood supply to the organ.

2  Kamagra tablets contain Sildenafil citrate, an ingredient with potency to inhibit PDE-5. By undermining Phosphodiesterase- 5, the medicine helps in retaining cGMP level.

3  Release of NO (Nitric Oxide), through sexual stimulation, is detected in the body which promotes cGMP in the penile area.

4  Enhanced degree of cGMP in the reproductive region of men causes dilation of crucial penile veins including both Deep Dorsal and Superficial Dorsal veins (such as helicine arteries). Simultaneously, the drug – through cGMP – imparts ‘muscle-relaxing’ effects associated with penile muscles. This allows more blood to enter the reproductive organ in men.

5  Supplemented blood supply to the penile organ inflates the phallus and allows men to perform intercourse efficiently.

 Longevity of Effect:   Kamagra can keep you potent for 4 to 6 hours. This means that during this time-span you can successfully achieve several erections without taking another Sildenafil dosage.
•   It is suggested to use Kamagra according to instructions provided by a certified doctor. Nevertheless, the general dosage strength recommended to men with average health is 100 mg.

•  This standard dosage should be administered once in 24 hours, preferably an hour before getting engaged in sexual intercourse.

•  First time consumers, who are not supervised by a doctor, should consider taking lesser potencies such as 25 mg or 10 mg tablet, in order to ensure that the medicine has no side-effects.

•  Kamagra tablets are best soluble in water which is why one should swallow it using a glass of water.

•  Fatty heavy meals should not be consumed at least for 2 hours before or after administering the medicine as it may abate the effects of the medicine.

NOTE:   If the current suggested potencies have no or slight effects, then ensure to consult your health advisor and seek approval before augmenting the dosage.
•  Take Kamagra according to the prescription. Consulting your doctor is better as it eradicates chances of negative consequences.

•  Inform your health advisor if you are allergic to any of the components integrated in the medicine.

•  Avoid taking augmented dosage than what is prescribed to you, this will reduce chances of side effects.

•  Older men should seek dosage adjustments in order to ensure that the potency prescribed is in accordance to their health status and tolerance level.

•  Men with underlying health conditions or with medical history should strictly meet their doctor and discuss the idea of Kamagra use.

•  Alcohol should also be averted as it may not only reduce efficacy of the drug but may also initiate reactions in the body.

•  Fatty or heavy foods should be averted before or after the consumption of this medicine.

There are some side-effects recorded by the medical industry attributed to consumption of Kamagra – these are mostly benign and less common. However, rare incidences of serious side effects are also recorded. Thus, if any of the following health complication is experienced inform your doctor immediately.

Common Effects of Kamagra:

•  Dizziness
•  Drowsiness
•  Blurred vision
•  Upset stomach
•  Dyspepsia
•  Head pain
•  Nausea and vomiting

NOTE:   These are a few side effects which are less common. There are some serious complications attributed to Kamagra use which may include: priapism, respiratory issues, faster heartbeats, hearing loss, visual changes, increased blood pressure, etc.

•  Since dizziness and drowsiness are common side effects of Kamagra, your alertness may become affected drastically. Thus, it is crucial to avoid activities that involve risk such as driving, riding, etc.

•  People with penile deformation should completely avoid the medicine as it may aggravate the condition and may cause excruciating complications to the already abnormal organ.

•  Exact consequences of the medicine on expecting ladies, pregnant women and lactating mothers are not known. Thus medicine should not be administered by them even in slightest amount.

•  Kamagra should be kept away from children and women.

•  The medicine can be considered as an alleviant drug and should not be used on daily basis; it may also lead to dependency

•  Buy kamagra online from trusted pharmacy only.

Customer's Review

Donald Baker, Rialto California, US

I had mild penile bend but was rectified with a surgery as my doctor ordered me. But that caused erectile issue, i guess because of some nerves problem. Being a married man i had to resort to something effective and for me it was Kamagra. I have a healthy relationship now and my wife does not only agree but sometimes insist me to take the medicine. "

Steven Jones, Pueblo, Colorado, United States

At first being impotent used to make me anxious. I started taking this medicine recently. Though initially it caused mild head pain – which made me skeptical i continued using the medicine. but now the medicine works well and it is the best option i have. this is how i deal with the issue now. In fact it is no more a concern for me. "

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