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Generic Allegra (fexofenadine) is a medication to treat several seasonal allergies. The medicine is effective in providing relieve from allergic symptoms like itchy or red eyes, sore throat, excessive sneezing, runny nose and itchy nose.

Generic Allegra works similar compared to the branded counterpart, as both contain the same vital ingredient known as antihistamine. In fact, the amount of antihistamine in Generic Allegra is same as that in its branded version.

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Generic Allegra

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Time it takes to start working:The medication begins working instantly after you consume it.

1:  As Generic allegra is a potent H1 blocker, it combats with the existing histamine for allying it to the H1 receptor in the gastrointestinal tract. Similar activity takes place in the bronchial legato muscles and the blood vessels.

2:   The very first trussing procedure stops activities of the endogenous histamine. This further provides relief from the adverse effects that result because of histamine.

•   The medicine is available in pill form and you need to take it orally. It also comes in oral syrups.

•   For irritation and stuffy nose problems caused due to idiopathic urticaria or allergy, the 60 mg dose is advisable twice daily for adults and kids above 12.

•   Further, individuals suffering from kidney problems also need to talk with their doctors prior to taking Generic Allegra.

•   For kids between the age 6-11, the preferred dosage should be 60 mg twice in a day.

•   Always take the medicine with water, since it assists in quick absorption into your body.

•   Avoid taking Generic Allegra on an empty stomach.

NOTE:  Pediatric patients suffering from kidney problem must not be administered with Generic Allegra without consulting a doctor. Also, avoid overdose of Generic Allegra, as it might trigger unwanted and harmful health consequences.
•   Avoid consuming Generic Allegra in case you are allergic to the ingredients used in this medication.

•   Discuss with your doctor regarding any existing disorder that you already might be suffering from like liver problem, kidney disorder or heart problems. This is because the doctor will adjust the dosage of Generic Allegra according to your health.

•   Generic Allegra comes under pregnancy Category C medicine, which means that the medicine may or may not affect the unborn baby or fetus. Thus, it is imperative for pregnant women to consult their doctors prior to taking the medication.

•   Keep the medicine away from kids.

Common Effects of Generic Allegra:

•  Stomach upset
•  Menstrual spasm
•  Back ache
•  Cough
•  Fever
•  Clogged nose or runny nasal
•  Ear pain
•  Dizziness may occur

NOTE:  These above-mentioned adverse effects are very common. Nevertheless, if any effect persists for a prolonged period, then rush to your healthcare provider. Other severe side effects that call for immediate medical attention are pain in chest, respiration, etc.

•   It is important to discuss your doctor prior to taking Generic Allegra if you find yourself allergic to the medication.

•   Restrict or stop the consumption of alcohol when under the influence of Generic Allegra, as this might cause unwanted health issues.

•   Elder people need to be extra cautious when taking the medication

•   Avoid taking multiple doses at a time.

Customer's Review

Jason Mathew, Florida

"Chronic urticaria had turned a real nightmare for me despite of trying various techniques and solutions. However, out of sheer luck, I happened to come across Generic Allegra on Internet for treating seasonal allergies, so I went ahead to order it from Internet. Yes, it works and the manufacturers of the drug deliver what they claim. Cheers!"

Christine Dunton, Maine

"I recently was surprised to be diagnosed for hives. I didn’t expected falling into such allergic trap, but you never know. The hectic and regular outdoor trips gifted hives to me. I simply cannot afford to be a couch potato fearing the onset of this allergy. My brother advised to try Generic Allegra. You got to believe me on this, the drug works great."

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