Forzest - An Effective Treatment for Male Impotence


Forzest is a very effective and quick acting oral medication to treat impotency and erection issues in men. This generic version of Cialis has been manufactured by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals. Forzest contains Tadalafil, which is the active ingredient that helps in increased blood circulation to the penile region. With improved blood flow, impotent men are able to obtain hard-on. This medicament remains effective for 24 to 36 hours in the body.

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Time it takes to start working: Its effect in the body starts immediately.

1:   The main function of Forzest however, is to improve the blood circulation by inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme action. This enzyme is the main culprit in reducing the blood flow to the penile region.

2:   As a parallel process, Forzest boost the cGMP enzyme, which in turn helps in increased and smooth blood flow. This way, the impotency issue in men is resolved.

3:   Tadalafil, the active ingredient remain in the body for about 36 hours after which it is flushed out.

Effect Lasting: it is effective for about 24 to 36 hours.
•   Take one Forzest table once a day with water.

•   A minimum dosage of 20 mg is required to be taken.

•   If you are suffering from any renal or liver health issues, a 5 mg dose of Forzest is recommended. However, do ask the doctor even for this much dosage.

•   Take this pill entirely. Do not crush, chew or break it

NOTE:  Do not increase the dosage on your own. Check with a doctor regarding increasing the dosage.
•   Do not drive or undertake any heavy machinery work when you are taking the Forzest pills. However, if you are sensitive to Tadalafil, avoid this medication.

•   Diabetics should avoid taking this medication.

•   Men suffering cardiovascular issues, ocular disability, liver or kidney problems, and hypertension should take the medication only after prescription from the doctor.

•   Forzest tablet is not recommended for patients of Peyronie’s disease as it could result in severe reactions or even damage the male reproductive organ.

•   The medicine will show delayed effect if you consume fatty foods and alcohol just before ingesting the tablet.

Common Effects of Forzest:

•   Body ache.
•   Joint pain.
•   Headache.
•   Blurred vision.
•   Stomach upset.
•   Nausea or vomiting.

NOTE:  the side effects of Forzest do not last for long. Once your body gets used to the medication, the side effects will vanish. However, if you experience some serious severe side effects like difficulty in breathing, consult a doctor right away.

•   Children and women should stay away from this medicament. It is designed only for treating male impotency issues.

•   Diabetic patients should stay away from ED treating medicines.

•   Take medication with plain water only. Do not take it with grape juice or fruit as it could result in some health complications.

•   Do not get addicted to the Forzest tablet by taking it regularly. It could harm the penile region.

•   People suffering from kidney and liver issues should take a very low dosage and that too only after doctor’s prescription.

Customer's Review

Martin, Chicago

I was feeling helpless and wanted to commit suicide as I was not able to enjoy an active sexual life. However, my partner stood by me and we found a trusted buddy in the form of Forzest. Taking this medicament, I saw tremendous improvement and now my partner and I are enjoying a healthy sexual life. All thanks to Forzest. "

Brownie, Jacksonville

I was having an athletic body but I was not able to sustain erections for long. I developed inferiority complex, begin to shy away from public, and talked less. Then a friend of mine suggested taking Forzest. It was indeed a blessing in disguise. I am fit now and am quite satisfied with the outcomes. "

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