Caverta Tablets - A Perfect Alleviator for Impotent Men


Caverta (Sildenafil) is a clinically tested medication designed as treatment for Erectile Dysfunction or ED (also casually known as ‘male impotence’). Impotence is a medical complication associated with sexual health of men. The natural erectile functioning of male erection is marred due to ED. Caverta tablets rectify this mechanism of penile erection in order to restore virility to men. It is discovered as a potent treatment due to its active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate, an FDA approved component categorized as a PDE-5 inhibitor.

The medicine has impressive effect and renders sexual potency to men. The chief purpose of the Caverta tablets is to enhance circulation of blood which is impaired due to influences of PDE-5. Effects are often considerably faster and may be seen in around an hour’s time. Moreover, the Sildenafil is known for its 96% result and lasting efficacy imparting 6 hours of potency to men.

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Caverta Tablets

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1:   Erectile dysfunction occurs due to PDE-5 or Phosphodiesterase type 5, a cGMP specific enzyme. This enzyme inhibits cGMP level which is a crucial component in cycle for erectile mechanism.

2:   Caverta (Sildenafil) is metabolized through hepatic metabolism by certain cytochrome 450 enzymes.

3:   Nitric Oxide (NO) is crucial for penile erection. NO is secreted due to arousal in the body. It binds to guanylate cyclase to stimulate synthesis of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) leading to augmented count of cGMP in penile area.

4:   Sildenafil citrate, at the same time, subverts the functioning of PDE-5 to maintain healthy cGMP level in Caverta 100mg pills.

5:  Increased cGMP results in vasodilatation of penile muscles, particularly those in corpus cavernosum. It also simultaneously dilates blood vessels such as helicine veins, dorsal arteries, etc, to allow increased flow of blood into penile shaft.

6:  Since, hindered circulation to male reproductive organ (due to PDE-5) is considered as chief cause of ED. Supplemented flow of blood to the male sexual organ restores ability to attain erection to men.

•  It is recommended to use Caverta as suggested by the doctor. This truncates risk of suffering from administration complications.

•  The medicine comes in tablet form which should be taken orally.

•  The tablet is best soluble in water; hence take it with a glass of water.

•  100 mg Caverta tablets is generally recommended for men who suffer from no other health complications and enjoy average health., but it is recommended to talk to your doctor about suitable dosage.

•  Older individuals and men with underlying health issues may need adjustments with the dosage; thus, consulting a physician is the best option.

•  This medicine is an instant acting medicine whish should be taken 45 to 60 minutes before stipulated intercourse time.

•  Merely one dosage of Caverta pill is recommended in a day. Taking increased dose than what is suggested by the doctor will do no good but may increase chances of side-effects.

•  Caverta Tablets should not be taken with any other liquid but water.

•  Alcohol should not be consumed on the day of taking the medicine, if it combines with the drug in the body, it may lead to reactions.

•  Avoid fatty food and/or heavy meals as it may suppress the effect of the medicine.

•  If you are affected with liver, heart or renal issues or any underlying condition, it is better to speak with your doctor before taking the drug

•  Ensure that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients, or it may cause severe anaphylaxis reaction.

•  It is crucial to keep the medicine away from the reach of children and women, as the consequences that the medicine may lead to is not completely determined.

•  Avoid taking the Caverta 100mg pills if you are on other drugs or at least consult your doctor before using it.

Caverta consumption may possibly lead to side-effects which are less commonly recorded. These side effects can be categorized in two classes ‘less common’ and rare.

Less common side effects:
•   Pain in bladder
•   Dizziness
•   Urge to urinate too frequently
•   Indigestion
•   Stomach upset or tenderness in some regions

Rare side-effects:
•  Vision impairment
•  Anxiousness r
•  Eye bleeding
•  Pain in bones
•  Priapism
•  Chest irregularities
•   Cold sweats
•  Drowsiness
•  Respiratory difficulties
•  Fainting
•  Tremor
•  Increase pupil size
•  Hand numbness
•  Hearing loss

  Though there are rare cases of fatally serious side- effects, these conditions can be extremely debilitating. Hence, even if minor health changes are experienced, it is better to consult your doctor immediately.

•  Avoid risky activities such as driving, riding, etc, after taking Caverta pill as it may lead to drowsiness and increase chances of accidents.

•  Patients with heart issues should seek professional medical advice before taking this drug.

•  If the resulted erection is anomalously prolonged for over few hours, it can be an indication of forthcoming adverse consequence; hence, consult your doctor immediately.

•  Do not use the Caverta 100mg tablets as protection against STDs, HIV/AIDS or as contraceptive. The medicine is only meant to enhance erectile ability in men to significantly level.

•  Sildenafil may react with nitrate (any form). Thus ensure that you do not take the two in tandem or in combination. Maintain a gap of at least 2 days between consumption of these two ingredients.

•  Avoid taking the Caverta if you suffer from penile deformities such as Peyronie’s Disease; consult your doctor for clarifications.

Customer's Review

Phil Silvers, Virginia

Caverta tablet is a suggested medicine for all, I am not a doc but saying it with experience because I have been using this medicine for over one and half year and found no complications as of yet. But you need to be careful as your body may have dissimilar response... "

Douglas Fairbanks, Denver

This medicine is way-better than those foolish long term treatments. It not only saved my love life but also from the hassle of taking medicines daily and playing with a junk in bed.… "

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