Kamagra Fizz - An Effervescent Solution to ED Issues


The very popular Kamagra tabs for treating male impotency has led to the invention of Kamagra Fizz, an effervescent tab which gets immediately dissolved in the mouth when gulped down with water. Kamagra Fizz is relatively a new entrant in the field of erectile dysfunction treating medicines but has already gained immense popularity. The elder generation especially prefers Kamagra Fizz for the easy mode of administration as they have issues in gulping down the otdher versions. The tangy orange flavor in Kamagra Fizz is a big welcome and people are enjoying this newer version very much.

All those unfortunate men who were facing erectile dysfunction issues for a long time, have now discovered a new friend in the form of Kamagra Fizz. They are now able to sustain erection with prescribed consumption of Kamagra Fizz.

It is available in the standard dosage strength of 100mg tablet and the effect of one Kamagra fizz tab lasts for 4-6 hours.

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Kamagra Fizz

Kamagra Fizz 100mg
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Time it takes to start working: Kamagra Fizz is available in the effervescence form, so it blends in the bloodstream quickly and performs fast action. The tab, Kamagra Fizz will starts its action within 30 minutes of consumption and men will get erections enough to enjoy lovemaking session with his partner.

1:  Kamagra Fizz has an active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate that targets the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and work to treat the condition.

2:  When sexually aroused, the tab will help in the release of an enzyme cyclic guanoyl monophosphatase (cGMP). This will further help in smooth blood flow to the penile region and enable the male reproductive organ to get stiff.

3:  It is the PDE5 enzyme, which inhibits smooth blood flow to the male reproductive area. Kamagra Fizz will nullify the effect of the culprit enzyme to ensure smooth blood flow. This is how Kamagra Fizz proves helpful in treating men’s ED issues.

 Effect lasting:   it is about 4 to 6 hours.
•  Kamagra Fizz is available in standard dosage of 100mg pill, which needs to be taken with water. Put it in water and let it dissolve completely before consumption.

•  Do not take more than one tablet of Kamagra Fizz daily

•  Consume Kamagra Fizz 30 to 45 minutes prior to lovemaking.

NOTE:   If you are not getting the desired results, consult the physician. Do not increase the dosage on your own.
•  Do not consume Kamagra Fizz if you have allergy to Sildenafil or other Phosphodiesterase inhibitor medicines.

•  When you are on this medicine, abstain from driving or heavy work involving use of machines etc.

•  In addition, do not indulge in alcohol consumption before taking this medication.

•  Do not become addicted to Kamagra Fizz; it could result in other health conditions.

•  Avoid greasy fatty foods as it can delay the effect of Kamagra Fizz medicament.

•  Kamagra Fizz is neither a contraceptive nor it provides any protection against STDs (Sexually transmitted disease)

Common effects of Kamagra Fizz:

•  Stomach upset
•  Tremors
•  Priapism
•  Vomiting
•  Headache
•  Diarrhea
•  Nausea
•  Blurred vision
NOTE:   the side effects mentioned above are temporary in nature and will go once your body is adjusted to the new medication. However, if you notice some serious side effects like shortness of breath or the side effects not going even after four weeks, consult the physician right away.

•  Kamagra Fizz is only for treating male impotence. Therefore, children and women should abstain from its consumption.

•  Do not increase the dosage of Kamagra Fizz as it could lead to serious health complications.

•  Kamagra Fizz neither is a contraceptive nor should be seen as protecting against STDs.

•  Do not addict yourself to Kamagra Fizz.

•  Persons who are on nitrate medicines should avoid Kamagra Fizz otherwise you could see a sudden drop in blood pressure and more serious complications could also cause cardiac arrest and the person can even slip in coma.

Customer's Review

Christopher, NYC

For long I shied away from erectile dysfunction medications as it was difficult for me to swallow the tablets. With the coming of Kamagra Fizz, I have now started taking the medication and enjoying effective results. Even the tangy orange taste is what I like about these tabs. "

Ross Bibber, Tulsa

Kamagra Fizz is a welcome relief from all hard-to-swallow tablets for treating erectile dysfunction. I am quite satisfied with the outcomes. "

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