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Aspadol Pain Killer: A Miracle Drug or Overhyped?

By Christine RamirezJun 13, 202433

Since aspadol acts on the brain and spinal cord to reduce pain, it is a centrall...

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Artvigil Is a Super Smart Drug with a High Efficacy Rate

By Charlie ParsonsAug 09, 2023390

Artvigil is a wonderful medicament that treats excessive sleepiness and promotes wakefulness. It is prescribed for patients with e...

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Generic Drugs vs. Branded Drugs vs. Bioequivalence vs. Biosimilars vs. Patented

By Christine RamirezOct 10, 20212501

FDA approves generic drugs productions that are clinically the same as the branded drug. Patented or branded drugs have the same c...

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Popular Generic Medicines for Hypertension

By Charlie ParsonsFeb 10, 20211052

Hypertension, commonly known as a silent killer, has impacted millions of individuals. It does not show any symptoms or sick at fi...

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Common Generic Drugs for Hair Loss

By Helen PackJul 25, 20211063

Losing few strands of hair in a day is very common as the hair keeps growing. However, baldness occurs when the hair does not grow...

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Generic Cialis and Its Role in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

By Ted ReevesMar 25, 20211019

Generic Cialis is a common treatment against male sexual disorder, erectile dysfunction. It works to rectify the blood flow in the...

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Popular Generic Medicines for Weight Loss

By Charlie ParsonsFeb 25, 20211013

Generic Medicines for Weight Loss or anti-obesity drugs are now widely prescribed. They are usually advised with regular exercise ...

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Skin Care: Generic Drugs for Acne

By Jason GrayMar 25, 2021955

Acne can are a result of excess skin sebum that protects from bacteria and inflammation of skin and hair follicles. Acne occurs du...

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How Does Nuvigil Work? Is It Addictive?

By Christine RamirezJan 01, 2021832

Armodafinil-containing Nuvigil helps to control excessive daytime sleepiness. Its immense popularity to improve cognitive function...

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Is Generic Provigil Safe and Effective?

By Charlie ParsonsMar 02, 2021784

Generic Provigil drug has offered some benefits, which justify the increasing demand for smart drugs by healthy individuals. Nootr...

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What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?

By Helen PackJul 14, 2021780

Globally, millions of men are dealing with hair loss. The androgenetic alopecia or male pattern of baldness is one of the reasons ...

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Blood Pressure Medication List and Their Generic Names

By Charlie ParsonsFeb 01, 202124410

Hypertension is a chronic condition characterized by increased or elevated blood pressure. If left untreated, hypertension could i...

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