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Potential Complications of COVID-19 Infection

By Helen PackJul 25, 2021820

COVID-19 infection has struck our lives suddenly. It is a life-threatening disea...

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Vaccines Available For COVID-19 Across the Globe

By Jason GrayApr 02, 2021835

After 2020, 2021 is the year of vaccination. Thousands of companies globally are producing vaccines to fight COVID-19. The vaccine...

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Coronavirus Overview, Symptoms, Diagnoses, Treatment, Prevention

By Charlie ParsonsMar 28, 2021796

During early 2020, world got hit by a deadly Coronavirus. Globally this pandemic made headlines as this Coronavirus stopped our li...

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News Updates, Cases, Vaccine, Safety Tips, Treatment

Coronavirus disease, shortly known as COVID-19, is one of the infectious diseases caused by a newly discovered coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. Most people infected with the coronavirus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness. However, older people with comorbidities are more likely to develop serious illness.

One of the best ways to prevent or slow down the transmission of the virus is to be well informed about the disease, its causes, and how it spreads. You should protect yourself and others from COVID-19 infection by washing your hands regularly, using alcohol-based sanitizers, wearing facemasks in public, and maintaining social distance.