Women's Health: 5 Common Female Sexual Health Issues

By Charlie ParsonsAug 25, 2021502

Women's Health: 5 Common Female Sexual Health Issues

Sexual health issues are common in women that interfere with their sexual life. It inhibits them from seeking pleasure, excitement, and enjoyment from lovemaking. Almost half of all women suffer from some of the other types of sexual disorders.

There can be different causes or reasons behind the inability to attain the pleasure you desire, such as menopause, inhibition, anger, or some physical issue. Any type of sexual health issue can be very grieving for a woman as everyone worthy of has had a sexually satisfying life. Besides, it can be disturbing for their partner as well and may result in relationship disputes in a couple.

Sexual health issues resemble different stages of the sexual response cycle (excitement, plateau, climax, and resolution). Therefore, the inability to attain any of these stages can impact women's intensity of sexual satisfaction, thus; resulting in a problem. Here are 5 common sexual health issues women deal with.

  1. Lack of Desire

It is a common sexual health issue experienced by women. Not being in the mood is one of the most heard complaints from women and their partners. It makes men feel that their partners are not attracted to them. However, there are some other and maybe severe reasons to be blamed. A woman may experience a lack of sexual desire to indulge in coition because of stress, exhaustion, and bite off more than one can chew damages sexual health and life.

According to psychologists, strict upbringing, religious fear, fear of pregnancy, and overall negative thoughts about the sexual activity can lead to low or no sexual desire. Sometimes a previous bad sexual experience or trauma can impact your feelings. In short, the causes vary for each woman. Also, even though if the mental and emotional state aligns, physical health disorders, including diabetes, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalance, and menopause can disturb your love life.

  1. Lack of Arousal

In general, people link sexual arousal with vaginal lubrication. However, this process is complicated than it sounds. During arousal, blood flow is enhanced to the female genital and in its tissues. As the blood seeps into the female reproductive organ, it results in the expansion and swelling of the lower labia. It simply means that a female body is ready for sexual activity. It all comes naturally when a woman is sexually healthy and has a satisfactory sexual life.

When a woman is not aroused during the sexual encounter, this whole process shuts down, and there is no blood supply to the female reproductive organ. The reasons that inhibit sexual desire are also responsible for lack of arousal. Health experts say if the female genital is not lubricated it will not receive any sexual stimulation. It occurs because her brain, body, and soul do not respond together, which negatively impacts their sexual experience. To avoid lack of lubrication, you can avert taking antihistamines often as they can dry you out.

  1. Anorgasmia

This sexual health issue in women is an inability to attain sexual climax. It is also another very commonly observed sexual health issue. One out of three females experiences trouble achieving the desired sexual climax. There can be multiple physical health disorders that can interfere with your pleasure including, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and gynecological cancers.

Women who regularly take anti-depressant drugs can hamper than sexual libido, thus inhibiting sexual climax. Besides, lack of education on sexual health and unawareness of stimulating spots on your body can add to this problem.

  1. Vaginismus

This sexual health issue in women causes the pelvic floor muscles and the genital muscles to spasm involuntarily and tightens them. This physical response blocks the penile organ from entering. Vaginismus is also a common problem among women.

But most of them are unaware, do not seek professional help. Therefore, this is not often heard from them. Also, the repetitive occurrence of yeast infection or UTIs can cause vaginismus, but the fear of pregnancy or emotional trauma from past abuse is also one of the reasons.

  1. Dyspareunia

Painful sexual activity for women can ruin this romantic experience for them. Unfortunately, women are usually embarrassed to communicate it with their partners or to reach for professional help. Neglecting it for a longer time can increase disputes and impact women psychologically as they cannot satisfy themselves.

This sexual health issue is treatable if help is received immediately. Reasons for Dyspareunia are Endometriosis, vaginismus, UTIs, lack of lubrication, or a combination of physical or psychological health factors.