Common Women's Health Issues You Should Know About

By Christine RamirezJan 30, 2021795

Common Women's Health Issues You Should Know About

Men and women both deal with a similar health condition, but few health issues are specific to women. Also, many women go years undiagnosed for a health issue. Even at the times of clinical trials female subjects are not enrolled in higher numbers. However, some health conditions are limited to women, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy.

Women do suffer from cardiac arrest more often than men. Mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety are observed in all age groups of women irrespective of age. Remember to seek help if you encounter any unusual physical, mental, and sexual health problems. Here are some common health problems in women, which are mentioned here that one should know.

Heart Disorders

In the USA, heart-related disorders are common in women. One in four women is suffering from heart disorder. However, the perception of men getting affected with heart disorders than women is wrong. Women are more prone to stroke and heart attacks, but the impact of heart disease is equal in men and women. Yet only 54% of women know that heart disease is one of the top concerns for them. In the United States, several people, including women suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer originates from milk ducts. Eventually, it can spread to different parts resulting in a critical condition. Breast cancer is one of the most dominating health problems in women across the globe. This condition is widely observed in women from developed countries. Currently, in the USA, there are 3.1 million survivors of breast cancer. Initially, women dealing with breast cancer; experience breast lumps. Most breast lumps are not dangerous, but you must get them checked by your health provider.

Ovarian And Cervical Cancer

Many individuals are not aware of the difference between ovarian and cervical cancer. When the cancer roots in the lower uterus, it is called cervical cancer. On the other hand, ovarian cancer affects the fallopian tubes. The symptoms of cervical and ovarian cancer can be similar such as pain and discharge between sexual intercourse. While ovarian cancer results in non-specific symptoms, but ovarian cancer is very complex. Lastly, the Papanicolaou test (PAP smear) detects cervical but not ovarian cancer. Cervical cancer is treated by surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of these treatments.


Curved backs, back pain, and weakness are the problems older women are dealing from ages. This condition is a condition called osteoporosis. However, one can avoid this condition by taking few simple steps. Osteoporosis is observed in around 44 million Americans. Roughly; 48% are women who are suffering from Osteoporosis. However, osteoporosis can be prevented. The health status of women in their childhood and adolescence plays an essential role in osteoporosis. It is because of the bone density after 30 stops. New bone cells keep forming till the age of 30. Therefore, a daily workout and healthy lifestyle help to keep your bone strength in a good condition.

Depression And Anxiety

In women, normal hormone fluctuation in hormone can result in depression and anxiety. Several women experience Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Whereas; premenstrual dysmorphic disorder (PMDD) causes similar but very intense symptoms. After birth, many moms can undergo depression for a short term called baby blues. However, perinatal depression causes similar but very extreme symptoms of sadness and exhaustion. Overall, women dealing with various hormonal changes as per the age and conditions can impact their mental health. Depression and anxiety are common mental health disorders in women. Seeking the right help, consulting a psychiatrist will help to overcome these issues.

Sexual Health Issues

Sexual wellness is a state of sexual health and how a woman actively participates in sexual intercourse with her partner. Sexual wellness can be affected by factors such as physical factors, emotional factors, social factors, and interpersonal factors. Sexual desire and performing a sexual activity is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, functions of sexual organs, etc. However, sexual wellness can get affected by physical and emotional issues. It can damage your sexual desire and relationships.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are common in women. Women can suffer from common sexual disorders such as HPV, HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes. One can avoid STDs by using condoms during sexual activity. It is also essential to know your partner's sexual history. You can prevent STDs with vaccines. A large number of women are dealing with STDs. Some women can feel healthy even if they have contracted the infection. Besides, pregnancy is also a concern as a pregnant woman can pass STD to her baby. Many treatments are available for women who test positive for an STD. They help control such infections. Do not embarrass to seek help if you are dealing with an STD.


Endometriosis is a health disorder when the endometrium tissue grows outside the body. It is a tissue that grows in the uterus. It mainly grows on the outer surface of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and bladder. It can cause extreme pain. This endometrium layer gets thick and breaks down. During menstruation, it gets bleed out. Women dealing with this condition can suffer from painful periods, lower back pain, and pain during sexual activity, and digestive problems. Many women also face difficulty getting pregnant. Doctors usually treat endometriosis by advising specific pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medicines, fertility treatments, surgical procedures, or hormonal medicines such as birth control.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are very common in women. Millions of women across the globe are dealing with this health problem. Fibroids are noncancerous tumors in women who are in their childbearing age. Fibroids are tumors made of muscle cells and tissues that grow; in and around the uterine wall or the womb. However, the cause of fibroids is yet unknown.

Women can easily prevent such dangerous health problems, including cancers, by changing their lifestyle and opting for a healthy one. Frequent health check-ups can also alert you if there are any changes in your wellness. Taking accurate treatment helps to overcome such problems.