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Weight Loss Surgery- Beneficial or Dangerous?

April 6, 2017 1:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
There have been recent researches that have shown that Weight loss surgery not only help you lose weight but can also reverse diabetes and other health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea etc. However, like all other surgeries, there are two sides of coins in this procedure too. It is very important […]

Cheat Your Brain and Lose Weight

April 6, 2017 12:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
Do you often go through the dilemma of having had a sumptuous meal without feeling satiated?  Do you feel that you could have had more food, had there been a little more place in your stomach? These are dangerous signs as it means that your brain is still sending signals to eat more food. These […]

Facts About Obesity – Believe or Not

December 19, 2016 8:33 am Published by Leave your thoughts
Despite that fact that obesity has been declared as an epidemic and a lot of print and paper is being used to increase awareness about this disease, there are many facts about obesity that need to be brought to light. People are still not sure if they are obese and how to curb this disorder. […]

Do Not Skip Breakfast if you want to Lose Weight

December 17, 2016 5:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts
Children eating breakfast regularly have sharp memory, are able to concentrate fully and are regular at school. This is the finding of a study conducted in University of Florida. However, breakfast is not only important for kids but everyone should take breakfast regularly.   Let us know the importance of breakfast When we sleep at […]

Determine Your Ideal Weight for Weight Loss

December 17, 2016 5:51 am Published by Leave your thoughts
Weight loss is major aim of people who carry surplus pounds. Obesity is a physical malfunction which is a matter of concern for a wide number of people. According to the reports, the numerical figure of people who are victim to obesity is increasing. In order to stay healthy and cope well with their work, […]

Childhood obesity prevention programs

December 5, 2014 7:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts
Just by looking at the growing child one may probably guess whether the child is overweight or not. However, since different children have different traits and not all grow in the same manner. It may be difficult to actually determine whether your child is obese. But there is certainly a way to understand whether a […]

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

May 22, 2014 7:14 am Published by Leave your thoughts
In this condition the person suffering has lower levels of oxygen and higher lev’?? els of carbon dioxide which leads to breathing troubles. This issue also affects the sleeping of people because they stop breathing during sleep known as obstructive sleep apnea. This condition should be immediately addressed because failing to do so can ultimately […]

Seven Techniques to Lose Weight In a week

March 28, 2014 4:49 am Published by Leave your thoughts
3. Track Your Food Intake   This might seem like an unnecessary practice but keeping tabs on your daily food and beverage consumptions helps a lot in reducing weight. One comes to know how many calories they have consumed. It also helps to keep their eating habits in check.   4. No Late-Night Snacking   […]

Lose Weight, Gain Erectile Strength

December 7, 2013 6:37 am Published by Leave your thoughts
  A new Australian study discovered that losing 5% – 10% body weight on the two-month period enhanced the erection health and sex drive of obese males with diabetic issues. The study had been very small (just 31 males), therefore the results ought to be backed with a bigger research. However the findings tend to […]

Sleeping less? Get ready for weight gain

December 3, 2013 12:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
The previous research showed that weight gain can be the result of lack of sleep though the exact reason for this action was unclear. But, through this study, researchers showed that when a person is awake for the longest period of time, he/she would require more energy. This would call out for the more food. […]