Best Food For Spring Salad

Spinach– Spinach if used in salad consists of Lutein a natural pigment that does great to one’s eyes and skin. ??Inclusion of spinach in our daily diet disallows congeality of arteries. It also prevents an individual from heart attacks and strokes. Spinach reduces the danger of cataract in the eyes.  Lettuce– Lettuce consists of lutein and is rich in Vitamins. Lettuce is not only good for the eyes but for all those who wish to burn the calories, it is the best option.    

Basil– Basil is used a lot in salads and soups. This herb is a great antioxidant. It also helps in keeping one away from viral and bacterial infections and fever. Inclusion of basil treats asthma and diabetes.

  Parsley– Parsley is rich in Vitamin C. It prevents bad breath. Use of parsley in salad is the best therapy for people suffering with kidney stones. It also clears ones stomach and helps in getting rid of the problems related to urinary infection. It also treats cold and having rich source of boron and fluoride it may also help those suffering from osteoporosis.   Swiss Chard– Swiss chard also known as Chard consists of Vitamin A, C, iron and protein. It promotes bone health. The anti oxidant property in it fights diseases related to lung, cancer and osteoporosis, by increasing one’s immunity.   Cherry– Cherry not only makes a salad tasty but it also relieves muscle and joint pain that may ensue in many people due to running and walking. Cherry contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C. It helps in fighting diseases like Cancer, relieves headaches and prevents from heart diseases.   Papaya– Papaya in salad not only makes it colorful and tasty but also nutritional. Papaya consists of carotene and vitamin C that prevents diabetes. It also cures allergies and problems of indigestion. It also lowers cholesterol level in the body that may lead to heart ailments.   Strawberries– The most popular and nutritional berry, this red berry is an antioxidant that increases ones immunity to fight with diseases. It also averts leukemia. It prevents from tumors.     Blueberry– It consists of Vitamin A, B and C. It also consists of potassium and magnesium, that reduces cholesterol levels and reduces the fat from the body. It also lessens sodium level in body, thus curbing from diseases like diabetes and heart related ailments from occurring.   Fig– Fig just eaten raw or put in a salad with other fruits and vegetables completes the nutritious bandwagon. ??Fig consists if minerals that control hypertension and high blood pressure. ??It helps in reducing weight and is the best for people suffering with breast cancer and diabetes.   All those who wish to taste the naturally grown fruits and vegetables for your salad then spring is the right season to enjoy those delicious salads with the seasonal fruits and vegetables.
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