All you need to know about Penile Implant or Penile prosthesis

Erectile Dysfunction is a physical sexual disorder which is a nightmare for numerous men. Penile prosthesis or penile implant is a treatment for impotent men who have tried various medicines and methods for curing ED or impotency, but did not experienced any improvement.? It is a surgery in which a device is implanted generally through an incision and is placed in the scrotum. According to the analysis and evaluation, doctors may decide what would be a suitable device whether inflatable or non-inflatable. Generally these devices are filled using saline or salt water, and a pump is kept hidden in the scrotum. The function starts from this pump which when gently pressed passes the liquid to the device through a reservoir, which is implanted near the bladder. The actual device is present in the male reproductive organ (male organ for reproduction). This chief device consists of two chambers which go into the corpora cavernosa, which are chambers of erectile functioning. The water inflates these chambers resulting in erection for the patient. After the course of copulation the device can be deflated.  Infrapubic Penile implant: Most impotent men desire to acquire knowledge about penile implants and their types, before they opt for their last hope. Infrapubic penile implant is preferred over conventional implant, in conventional method the device is implanted through incision, which makes it significantly invasive. In case of infrapubic penile implant the incision is relatively lesser which makes the surgery less invasive. In this process the device as well as the reservoir is placed through less incision just above the male organ of copulation, close to lower portion of the abdomen, rather than placing the device in the scrotum. Visibility of the surgery:   Most men question whether any evidence of the surgery is visible from outside. It is to their information, that the presence of the device is not detectable as it is completed hidden once the surgery is successfully completed. The process of inflation and deflation is done by the patient using the pump which is internally present either in the scrotum or right above the male organ for reproduction.   Inflation and Deflation of Devices: In case of non-inflatable penile device, you can bend the organ up for erection and down when it is not in utilization. But the case of two piece inflatable devices is different. In this scenario you need to press the pump for erection and it will be down when it is not being used. However, in the third class of implant which is using multi-component or three piece inflatable devices, you need to gently press the pump to get erection and press the valve that is allocated for deflation which will be placed above the pump. All three types of penile implant have different methods for inflation and deflation.   Advantages of penile implant: Every types of penile implant have varying advantages. However, the first and foremost advantage of penile implant or penile prosthesis is that it eradicates impotency from your personality and helps you have successful sexual life. It is also easy for you and your partner to use the implanted devices during the session of intercourse. The inflation and deflation is under the patient’s control.   Recovery: The surgery of penile implants generally takes less than an hour to be successfully completed. Depending upon the condition, the patient may be allowed to be discharged on the same day. It takes around 2 to 3 weeks to recover from the surgery; however, in order to resume to sexual intercourse one should consult the doctor.   You can consult your family physician, sexologist or other health experts to discuss about the issue and your desire to have a penile implant.
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