Appropriate Eating Habits During Pregnancy

o include grains in your regular diets as these are highly rich in fiber and vitamins and meet the requirement for both the child and mother as well. One ounce or 28.34 grams of grain contains equivalent nutrition to one bread slice, or half bun or a tortilla, a cup of readymade cereal or half cup of cooked cereals etc. One should eat whole grains on every day basis.  Fruits: Fruits are known for their potential in providing important supplies of vitamins and other such nutrients to the body. In case of pregnant women two servings on daily basis can help the mother as well as the baby to stay healthy.’ Try ingesting fruits of different colors and mostly rely on fiber rich fruits which can help to prevent pregnancy side effects such as hemorrhoids. Two servings of fruits are ideal for expecting mothers on daily basis.   Dairy product: Dairy products are considered as one of the most beneficial categories of food for pregnant ladies as it provides required nutrients to both, the baby and mother. Dairy products are rich source for obtaining calcium and Vitamin D. You can intake any dairy item ranging from milk to cheese. In case you are intolerant to any of such products, you can substitute it with soy.   Other sources of required nutrients are vegetable, beans, meat and certain helpful oil such as canola oil etc, are some important sources that can help you gain required energy during pregnancy.   Don’ts: As there are diet related aspects that you should follow, there are other hazardous factors that should be avoided. During your pregnancy phase it is essential to avoid junk foods which can be harmful to you and your baby. Alcohol and caffeine should be eradicated from your diet in order to keep the baby safe and healthy. Smoking is hazardous in all cases and in pregnancy it is strictly forbidden by the health experts. Hence, avoid smoking as it may bring your child at risk of health hazards. One should also avoid food which contains numerous fats and/ or additives such as preservatives, added flavors, color etc.   By followings such diet you can ensure good health of yourself and appropriate supply of nutrients to your baby.
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