Unable to start a family; these could be the reasons

Been a while since you wanted to go the family way but unable to do so? There are chances that one of you could be infertile. In case of men, there are various causes that could make men infertile and incapable of becoming a daddy. What could be your reason for not being able to do so?   1. Congenital Adrenal HyperplaslaIt is a condition that occurs when the pituitary is suppressed by increased level of adrenal androgen which results in low sperm count, immature sperm cells and low sperm motility. It can be treated by cortisone replacement therapy.   2. Hypogonadotropic Hypopituitarism Low pituitary gland output of LH and FSH may arrest the sperm development and may cause progressive loss of sperm cells from testes and cause somniferous tubules and testosterone producing cells to be damaged thus causing production of immature sperms.   3. Panhypopituitarism This is a total pituitary gland failure, therefore lowers growth hormones, thyroid stimulating hormones, LH and FSH. This cause impotence, low libido and loss of secondary sexual characteristics.   4. Physical problems Physical problems can interfere with sperm production processes or disturb pathways through which sperms travels from testes to the tip of male reproductive organ. Damages of sperm ducts can make it difficult to transport sperms from testicles to out to the male reproductive organ which can be caused by genetic abnormalities or accidental vasectomy, even STD’s may block epididymis. Torsion can also cause infertility where the testes are twisted inside the scrotum which causes swelling. Blood vessels can be blocked therefore no supply of blood hence testicular damage hence infertility.   Infections and diseases such as mumps, tuberculosis, gonorrhea syphilis and small pox may cause testicular atrophy causing low sperms count and low sperm motility. Epididymis can be damaged or blocked due to Chlamydia infection thus causing infertility. Klinefilters syndrome is a condition whereby each cells in human body have excess x-chromosomes i.e one Y and two X chromosomes. It leads to breast enlargement and peanut- size testicles causing testicular atrophy and testicular failure.   5. Behavioral problems Several sexual problems exist. Erectile dysfunction which is caused by multiple factors like low self esteem ,anxiety, depression, excessive stress ,diabetes, high blood pressure ,drugs and some medications, Premature climaxing which is the inability to control ejaculatory response for a period of one minute following penetration. Other causes of infertility are low sperm count, complete absence of sperm, abnormal sperm shape, sperm movements (when the sperms are immobile but still alive).   For a man, it is important to reproduce and have offspring. The act and its consequences are the most important part of his existence’ to ensure that there is continuity of species. Two centuries ago, it was assumed that men could never be infertile, unless they were impotent. If a couple could not have children, the blame was solely on the woman. The only remote chance of guessing that the man was infertile despite his ability to have an intercourse was to get him married again, without having children from the second wife. But times have changed and the advancement in medical sciences has proved that men are as capable of being impotent as women. From having low sperm count to decreased sperm mobility, the reasons for all this happening vary. For a man, the inability to produce children can have a serious impact on his emotional quotient, pushing him into depression and self doubts, some going ahead and torturing their women, as a means of venting out their frustration.   6. Psychological reasons There are conditions due to which men lack ability to reproduce due to psychological and physical issues. These disorders can arise from a variety of disorders ranging from hormonal disturbances, physical psychological conditions and also behavioural problems that can cause infertility in men. Though there are cases that can be treated, the chances of failure and a permanent form if infertility is high if the cause is psychological.   7. Damaged testes leading to infertility Male infertility can be caused by testicular damages resulting in inability of testicles to produce sperms. Once damaged the testes will not be capable of producing sperms therefore cannot be treated. Low sperm production and poor quality of sperms are major cause of infertility. Men who live a healthy life are most likely to produce quality sperms.   8. Lifestyle disorders leading to infertility in men Prolonged smoking decreases sperm count and also the sperm cell motility. Smoking includes marijuana cigarette and also recreational drugs. Chronic alcohol intake also lowers sperms quality and lowers sperm count. Use of anabolic steroid can cause shrinkage of testicles hence infertility. Intense exercises will cause high level of adrenal steroids hormones which can cause testosterone deficiency thus causing infertility.   Inadequate intake of vitamin C and zinc elements in our diet can also precipitate infertility. Tight underwear increases scrotal temperature which results in low production of sperms. Exposure to hazardous and polluted environment and toxins like pesticides, lead, paints radiation, radioactive elements and heavy metals like mercury and benzene can also lower sperm production. Excessive stress, malnutrition and anaemia may also cause infertility.   9. Hormonal disorders leading to infertility in men Hypothalamus pituitary endocrine system regulates the chain of hormonal events that enable testes to produce sperms. Gonadtropic release hormone [GnRH] stimulate hormone pathway that cause testosterone synthesis and sperm production. Disruption of GnRH release leads to lack of testosterone production therefore no sperm production. Pituitary can fail to produce enough luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormones to stimulate testosterone and sperm production.   10. Hyperprolactinemia leading to infertility in men Elevated prolactin levels in men can cause low sperm production, reduce libido and cause impotence in men. This condition can be prevented by giving men drugs like bromocriptine which has shown excellent results.   11. Hypothyroidism leading to infertility in men Low thyroid hormone levels can cause poor and low quality sperms, poor testicular function and may disturb libido. Reducing iodine intake or starting thyroid replacement therapy may elevate sperm count.
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