5 Common Foods to Trigger Allergies

1.Peanuts – Peanuts are a hot favorite with most of us. Be it in the form of butter or crunchy snacks, we love to dig into a bowl full of peanuts, at the first chance we get. It is also one of the most common cooking oils to be used. So, people could be consuming this oil, without even realizing it as it is a part of most burgers and sandwiches. Though, high in nutritional content, peanuts are among the most common allergens to affect people. Studies have also linked peanut allergies to other nuts that grow on trees, known as cross contamination risks. Peanuts are also an important ingredient in certain food items that include ethnic meals of Asia, Africa and Mexico. Certain candies, chocolates and chips could also contain peanuts in the form of edible oils. In case one does have an allergy to peanuts, it is important to read the labels before consuming the food items.


– swap the peanut butter with honey to dip you apples. For people who need something too much on, they could opt for salty popcorns and replace peanut butter with cheddar-chutney or some other sandwich spreads.


Eggs- A harmless looking egg does not seem to be a threat or the cause of terrible allergic reactions . But the fact is that eggs can trigger some serious allergic reactions to the extent that even fumes that arise from eggs can stroke a reaction. People are ignorant of the fact that eggs are not limited to omelets, French toasts and cakes. Eggs are also a part of some daily goodies including ice creams, pastas, candies, hot dogs, meatballs, breads, rolls, mayonnaise, meringues and marzipan. Since they are a rich source of proteins, eggs are inadvertently a part of everyone’s daily diet.


Replace your mayo with mashed avocado, hummus and tapenade. People who are fond of scrambled eggs can replace them with scrambled tofu salsa, black beans and cheese. The recipe is delicious with no hint of an egg, nevertheless offering a similar taste. If your children are fond of ice-cream, replace that with frozen yoghurt for a yummy surprise.


Milk- If a person is allergic to milk , then he/she misses out on a host of delicious desserts and food products that include cakes, ice creams, puddings, chocolates, mayo sandwiches, burgers, cookies and milk shakes. This is because some of the most important constituents of these food items is milk including cheese, butter, mayonnaise, cream cheese, tofu and yoghurt. In most cases, an allergy to milk is not restricted to cow’s milk; it also includes goats and sheep’s milk.? Milk allergy means a life time abstinence from hot dogs, sorbet, commercial breads and rolls and deli meat.


You can have ‘green milk ‘ i.e. milk that comes from plant sources such as rice milk, soy milk and almond milk. These can be added to some of the most popular recipes. Children can be treated with blend yoghurt smoothies. Cookies can be prepared using non-hydrogenated margarine, green milk and dairy free chocolate chips.


Fish- One of the most common ‘non-vegetarian’ recipes, fishes can deprive you of some delicious recipes. Some fishes such as tuna, salmon, catfish can cause allergic reactions. As in the case of peanuts, if a person has allergy to a particular type of fish, he has high chances of developing allergies to various other sources. ??Even if a person avoids having dishes made of fish, he may still consume it through the form of some unknown sources such as Caesar salad dressings as they may contain anchovy paste, imitation crab meat and fish sauce.
Alternatives – For people who love smoked salmon on a bagel, they can mix olives with sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese. Chicken can be substituted in place of tuna.

5. Wheat

– Another important constituent of some major food items , wheat is loved by people of various ethnicities. From pastas, cereals, breads, bran, wheat germ, wheat berries, semolina and kamut, wheat are the very base of various meals. So being allergic to wheat can be extremely taxing for people who love to eat. There are also various hidden sources of wheat that include ice creams, pizza, potato chips, burgers, biscuits, cookies and French fries that one may consume by mistake. Nutritionally, wheat is a rich source of fiber and carbohydrates, thus most balanced diets involve a form of wheat.


If one can’t have wheat, then he can switch to some delicious alternatives of this product. In case of people who love Italian, especially pasta, they can have some that are made of corn, brown rice and quinoa. They are just as delicious and also high on nutrition. You can also switch wheat flour with corn tortillas. Chinese noodles are also made of wheat, but in case of allergy, one can opt for rice noodles.

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