5 Mistakes You Make With Your Sunscreens

  You never dab enough – While it is a good thing to save money, it does not mean that you compromise with you sun safety. Most sunscreens come with indications of how much to use but we tend to ignore them. It is recommended that you use a blob the size of a quarter to ensure that you derive maximum benefits from your sunscreen . But we usually use only half the amount as we want the tube to last long. But the effect of half the amount is also halved. So if you do want maximum sun protection, use the right quantity.

You leave your scalp unprotected – Most of us dab exposed part of our body with an SPF cream but tend to ignore the scalp. The scalp is believed to be far more sensitive to the sun than the rest of the skin. So covering it becomes extremely important. Use a hair gel that comes with an SPF of 15 or more. One can also choose to apply sesame oil on the scalp as they have properties which can safeguard you from the sun. Though this may leave your scalp a little oily

Men forget that they have lips too A study in the U.K showed that men have more chances of suffering from lip cancer than women do. This is because men never apply sunscreens on their lips, leaving them exposed to UVA rays.

You ignore your ears- Though we may apply a generous dose of sunscreen on our face and rest of the body, we tend to forget that the ears are also exposed to the sun. It is one of the reasons cancer of the ears is extremely common.

  Under eye skin does not need sun screen- sun glasses are enough- This is another common mistakes we tend to make. It is true that the sun glassed can protect the skin under the eye , but you cannot wear them all the time. Hence apply a good under eye gel with sunscreen, just below the eye.
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