5 Home Remedies That Never Fail

This may come as a surprise but snoring has been cited as one of the reasons due to which couples would want a divorce. Snoring occurs due to congestion in the airways and the noise that it can generate varies. In some cases, the snoring can be loud enough to be heard between closed doors. While some choose to live with it, studies show that it can have a serious affect on a person’s health and their quality of sleep. Here are 5, inexpensive ways to ensure that you have a deep sleep, devoid of snores.

Use a tennis ball – Though it may not seem like a good idea initially, this simple method has helps 90 % cases to get rid of snores. Experts state that some people have a habit of snoring if they sleep on the back. Even if they do try to sleep on their sides, once they do fall asleep, their body tends to resume the initial position of sleeping on the back. In order to avoid that, it is recommended that such people tie a tennis ball on their back. To ensure that it remains there, put this in a pocket of an oil t-shirt and tie it on a well fitted pajama. This ball will make it extremely uncomfortable for the person to sleep on their back. As a result he will be forced to sleep on the sides due to exhaustion. The snores die down eventually.

Extra high pillow – Some people tend to give up their habit of snoring if their head it out on an elevation. In such cases, one can opt for an extra high pillow as it will be instrumental in opening the air way. If not, they can add an extra pillow to their bedding.

Humidifier – One of the most common causes of snoring is a blocked sinus. The mucus tends to rattle in the airway, not only affecting the quality of sleep but also causing severe discomfort in breathing. In such cases, people can install a humidifier in their rooms. The warmth in the air will not only drain the mucus from the sinus, clearing the airway but also make it easy for the person to breath. The snores are curbed. To get a better effect, one can also add eucalyptus oil or Vicks vapor rub.

Nasal strip – This is one of the latest additions to methods that help people get over snoring. The technique is simple and helps to open the airway in a big way. The nasal strips come with adhesives and should be put across the nose. It helps to widen the airway and allows air to pass easily. These nasal strips are especially useful for men who snore due to common cold.

Mouth guard – This is the latest addition to this list. This mouth guard helps to keep the lower jaw pushed out, thus the airway is widened, allowing the person to breathe easily. It can be brought in $ 500 but there is a cheaper OTC version available that is known as snore guard.
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