Impotency has led Manhood at Hazard!

An unsatisfactory sexual act due to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a commonly faced problem with most of the men. This condition is also termed as impotency which means lack of inability to ejaculate and troubles in sustaining erections.   This particular condition differs from one person to another, where some men have the total failure to maintain erection whereas some can simply sustain erections. Mostly, it occurs after the age of 40, but no-a-days due to hectic work pressure and abusing lifestyle, even men under 35 are facing this dilemma. Here are some harmful causes of impotency.   Root cause of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotency:-
  • Aging is foremost reason, as with the growing age man tolls by various other diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and blood pressure troubles. Releasing of tissues and muscles with the growing age is also a reason for impotency.
  • Another dangerous risk that can lead a man to cause erectile disorder is cigarette smoking. Damage of the spinal cord or nerves may even show the in the pelvis region might also show the way to erectile disarray. Moreover, abusive drugs like alcohol, marijuana and heroin highly contributes to sexual impotency troubles.
  • Moreover, due to alcoholism the testosterone level decreases in the body leading you to the dilemmas of impotency in men.
  • Several medications even act as a side effect that leads men to tackle annoying and bothersome difficulty of male incapability.
  • Not only this, there are certain Psychological aspects which may even be responsible for Impotency troubles. These aspects include low self-esteem, guilt, anxiety, depression, fear of sexual failure and stress.
Treatment for annoying Erectile Dysfunction: Latest science and medicine has given several effective alternatives to treat impotency troubles and get into the pleasure of successful sexual life. Being a trouble problem faced by men all over the world, it’s important to bring out some lifestyle changes like stopping the intake of abusive stuffs might help you to live a stress free sexual living.   Even though if you are purging help from medications see that has been accepted by the FDA and are safe for consumption.
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