Effective Techniques to Improve Metabolism Rate

In today’s time and age, it is the constant endeavor of every man and woman to loose weight with minimum efforts. In this quest, most people try to exercise, go on painful diets and resort to various medicines to slim down. One of the most effective ways to loose weight is by increasing your basal metabolic rate. By increasing this, people can slim down without cutting down their calories.  Basal metabolic rate The basal metabolic rate is determined by the number of calories that are burnt in a day. In every live human being, there is continuous calorie consumption, even while sleeping. This energy meets the regular demands of the body which involves eating, sleeping, cleaning and the additional energy is stored in the body in the form of fat. Therefore when the calorie consumption is more than the calorie demand by the body, the person tends to gain weight. Therefore if people have slow metabolic rate, they tend to gain weight. To maintain weight, the calorie consumed and the fat burnt should be in sync.   The world health organization has set the following formulas to calculate the basal metabolic rate  
Female = [655+ (9.6 x Weight in kilogram) + (1.7 x Height in centimeter) – (4.7 x Age)] Male = [ 66+(13.7 x Weight in kilogram) + (5 x Height in centimeter) – (6.8 x Age) ]
How to boost your metabolism Changing certain habits can boost your metabolism. Some of them are listed below  
  1. No skipping meals- Do not skip your meals. This puts the body in an energy saving mode and you put on more weight over time. Instead, eat 5-6 small meals in a day. Avoid having junk food as a part of these small meals. Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables salads and juices.
  2. Exercise daily- You don’t have to exercise for hours in a day. Just working out for a 30 minutes in a day can help boost your metabolism tremendously. But it’s important to be consistent with the exercise regime.
  3. Build muscles- Building muscles can help boost weight. It’s a known fact that fat burns lesser fat while muscles can burn 25 times the calories in a day. So more the muscles, faster will be the metabolism. Similarly, when the muscle mass decreases, the metabolism also slows down.
  4. No bad habits- It’s important to avoid alcohol as they are high in calories and slow down the metabolism. People should also stay away from cigarettes and drugs as they too have an adverse effect on the metabolism.
  5. Avoid fasting and dieting- They should avoid fasting and dieting as these have the same side effects as skipping meals.
  6. Drink water- Drinking at least 5 liters of water in a day helps to increase the basal metabolic rate as water helps to burn calories.
  7. Natural metabolism boosters- Chili, green tea and fibers act as natural metabolism boosters and aid the body in burning fat faster.
  8. Aerobics- Doing aerobics daily is believed to help the body in temporarily boosting the basal metabolic rate.
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