What is Angioedema Allergy?

Angioedema Allergy is a spontaneous swelling of skin areas of subcutaneous, dermis, mucosa and the sub mucosal tissues. This is also called as ‘hives’ and it occurs in the upper dermis of the skin. The patients affected with the angioedema condition must be treated immediately because it causes both suffocation as well as airway obstruction. The swellings are usually red in color and the thick swellings??occur on the head, face, neck, fingers as well as toes. The swellings appear like sausages and mostly any one affected by it would be unable to open his/her eyelids.   The throat as well as the tongue when affected makes the patient’s condition all the more critical. This can be why immediate emergency medical assistance should be given and in some patients the adrenaline injection is injected to relieve him/her from the emergency situation. This infection occurs in both boys and men. In both the cases, the penis and scrotum might be involved. Angioedema is not itchy but it is often described as swelling accompanied by mild pain and burning sensation.   Angioedema occurs when specialized white cells called as mast cells release chemical messengers like histamine. This is the major chemical which causes tissue swelling.
  • When no external or internal condition is found for infection then it is termed as idiopathic angioedema
  • If the infection lasts for six weeks, then the patient is said to be suffering from an acute condition of the disease
  • If the infection lasts for more than six weeks, then the condition is called as the chronic infection
  • If the cause is heredity, then the infection is called as hereditary angioedema
Causes of the swelling are:
  • Food or drug allergy:
  • Airborne microbes
  • Genetic condition
There are cases when a common house mite or mould spores become the cause of this disease. The required tests conducted in laboratories on blood and skin of the affected persons indicates that this common thing is becoming a serious concern for the allergic condition. In some cases the patients report that the external signs of this swelling disappear when they move into a dry climate. However, they also tend to return when the patient is back in a cold climate.   Food allergy might cause one to be indirectly affected by this disease and certain food substances like milk, nuts, shellfish, seeds are likely to cause allergies and swellings after the intake of these food substances. Skinprick or the allergy of blood tests is helps doctors find the cause of the infection.   When a sugar or a blood pressure patient is affected, they are put on beta blockers. However, this is not advisable as, most patients are not aware of the fact that beta blockers and aspirin medicines have serious side effects within the system. Recent studies have indicated that the occurrence of skin swelling in these patients as one of the many side effects. Post that, they are advised to stop the intake of drugs with beta blockers as it effectively affects the action of adrenaline which is usually given to those affected intensely by angioedema.   The heredity issue is a new yet rare case. It is found in researches that there are chances for one person to become infected if his forefathers were also affected by this same swelling problem. The C1 inhibitor enzyme when found missing in a person allows the person to become infected by this swelling condition.   Angioedema needs immediate medical attention and people should not try to treat it on their own. Given the right drugs, this condition can be quickly and effectively treated.
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