Ways To Lessen The Causes Of Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis Alba is a chronic skin disorder that indicates flaky patches or white scaly skin. The literary meaning of pityriasis is creepy or scary and Alba is a Latin word which means white. These white patches can be more clearly seen in the people with dark skin. Pityriasis Alba is prominent on forehead, chin and cheeks. At times, they also appear on abdomen, arms and on the neck.   This condition is mostly noticed during summer when the skin darkens or gets tanned.? If this skin condition is left untreated it may persist for longer span of time.   Causes and triggers of Pityriasis Alba:   The accurate reason for development of Pityriasis remains unclear. Researchers are unable to find out the exact cause for these white patches on the face. They believe that young adults and kids who have allergic rhinitis, Asthma, atopic eczema or dry skin are often prone to this disturbing skin condition. Kids having eczema are more susceptible to such sort of white spots. Apart from this, children between the age group of 3-15 are highly vulnerable to this kind of skin disorder.? It is more frequently seen among males as compared to females.   Changing climate like more humidity or hot weather can make skin dry and more sensitive to this kind of skin problem.? Apart from this, using detergents and soaps having strong fragrance may also give way to Pityriasis Alba.   Home tricks to deal with Pityriasis Alba   Treatment for healing this skin disorder is usually not needed as it vanishes after certain span of time. However, at times applying steroidal cream regularly quickens the healing procedure. As kids have sensitive and delicate skin, it is recommended to consult your concerning doctor before stepping towards steroidal creams.  
  • Regular application of moisturizer can be helpful. But make sure that the moisturizer you use doest have any sort of fragrance. Petroleum jelly could be a great option.
  • Always apply a sunscreen lotion before you plan to go out in the sun as this will prevent the reappearance of Pityriasis Alba.
  • If the condition is extremely severe, PUVA therapy could be recommended.
  • Coconut oil, olive oil and buttermilk are also effective moisturizers that you can easily obtain from your kitchen cabinet.
  • Avocados works as an emollient and are also a rich source of Vitamin A and E, fats etc that helps in retaining moisture. For this, you simply have to make a puree out of Avocados and apply it gently on the affected skin.
Seek help from dermatologist if the above give treatments don’t help.
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