Ways to Get Long Lasting Erections

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature climax (PE) are two sexual disorders that are feared by majority of men across the globe. ED or impotence relates to the inability to keep or get an erection essential for sexual intercourse while PE relates to climax before or immediately after penetration. These sexual disorders can be treated by various natural ways and also through the help of pills. The pills such as generic Viagra and generic Levitra are quite effective in treating ED however they do cause certain undesired effects which can range from mild to grave health hazards.  Ways to get long lasting erections: A man endures erection when the blood flows from penile veins to penile chambers. You face weak erection due to insufficient blood flow in the penile chambers. Through several ways you can get a hard long lasting erection. Mentioned below are few such methods to gain strong hard long lasting erection:  
  • Certain Foods

There are certain foods that help greatly to improve the blood flow to the male organ for reproduction. Consume foods that are good in essential fats as they unclog arteries and improve flow of blood to the male organ for reproduction. Few such foods that you can eat are nuts, olives, beans, olive oil, flax seed, watermelon, ginger and cayenne. These foods aid in boosting male libido and give stronger, long lasting erections. In addition, foods containing l-arginine are deemed to be good for erections as it boosts the nitric oxide levels in the blood ensuring that male organ for reproduction muscles are relaxed. Due to this, bloods vessels get dilated and facilitate more blood flow in the erectile tissue. Besides, l-arginine promotes testosterone production in the body. This gives a boost to your libido and also increases your stamina to perform sex for a longer period of time.

  • Directive medications:

You can treat your ED problem and also gain erection that lasts longer with the help of directive drugs such as generic Viagra, generic levitra and generic cialis.? All the three of them work in a similar fashion however generic cialis is seen to have a hard long lasting erection when compared to the other two medications. You can also take help of natural erection pills to overcome ED. Natural pills usually include several herbs, amino acids and minerals that can boost the blood flow to your male organ for reproduction. When buying such pills look for the ingredients such as maca, tribulus, ginseng, muira pauma, terrestris, catuaba and bioperine. These natural pills ensure quick as well as hard erection that lasts long really long. Besides, these pills do no have side effects.

  • Reduce stress levels:

Stress is seen as the biggest contributor to the problem of ED in men. This is due to the fact that high stress increases cortisol levels in the blood that affects the production of testosterone in the body. This adversely affects the libido and leads to ED. You are advised to practice yoga or some kind of exercises to relieve stress.

  Conclusion: Above mentioned are few of the ways through which you can get long lasting erections. Beside these methods, you are suggested to change your lifestyle a bit to improve your sexual performance. Quit smoking and drinking if you want to overcome ED. Also, wear lose underwear as it also sometimes lead to causing ED problems.
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