Ways of treating oligozoospermia

Oligospermia also known as oligozoospermia, may sound quite fun while you try your lips and tongue on pronouncing it, but however, thumbs up to the men who suffer the brunt of this illness, as it can require loads of valiance to possess and disclose the ailment of being infertile and thus being called a “lesser man”.   Which man wants to be called an infertile hero? No one I’m sure! Oligospermia is the low count of sperms that a male possesses in his semen which is required to be at a normal level in order to be reproductive as it is the sperm which when deposited in the females vagina that gets a tiny little tot in the life of a married couple. Low count of the sperm in the semen of the male is nothing but a sign of being an infertile person leading to which can create hassles in the life of a man when it comes to the maturity stage of getting married and being a father! Thus, it is an important fact that men need to look after their health as consciously as women need to in order to bear up all the fruits of a sweet life!   However, if there is a lock, there is an equivalent and reactive key to operate the lock as well! Thus, we need to find out the right treatments for curing the ailment and this is possible only if the patient goes under a proper medical guidance as a surgical way at least a proper prescribed dosage of colorful pills will be required to bring back the colors of your sexual life!   Testosterone, Tamoxifen, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are amongst the various medical approaches that are tried and tested! There are various herbal remedies from the granny’s diaries that can efficiently help make the infertile males more productive! Giving up on your long used alcohol and cigarette addictions as well as following the diet involving the several greens and red-yellow colored fruits especially the ones which have a high concentration of Vitamin C and Vitamin E! Citrus fruits and more of carrots and fish can be just the perfect blend in your diet to improve sperm production. It is very important to keep your testicles cool thus wearing cool and cotton clothes along with cold water baths rather than excessive steam and sauna is the mantra!   Low dose Estrogen Testosterone Combination Therapy is one of the modest and most effectively efficient ways to go above and beyond your weakness of low sperm count. Motility as well as high sperm count can be the benefits of such a therapy and can go hand in hand with fostering the relationship of a man with his spouse! Intrauterine inseminations have been proved very successful as an alternative when oligospermia hounds the life of a married couple. Thus to avoid such a situation of artificial insemination, it is necessary to off the caffeine as well as brining on the high proteins in your diet and going under proper natural or medicated therapies for the increase in the sperm count!
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