Top 7 Diseases That Can Take Your Life

1.Coronary artery disease (CAD): Also known as ischemic heart disease, CAD is regarded as the worlds deadliest disease by the World Health Organization (WHO), which estimates that CAD takes about 3, 80,000 American lives each year. This disease occurs when the blood vessels supplying blood and oxygen to heart become narrowed due to blockage. If a person in this condition is not treated immediately, heart failure and an eventual loss of life can be caused.
  • Causes: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • Preventive measures: Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and healthy weight maintenance.
2.Stroke: Stroke occurs when an artery inside the brain becomes clogged, or gives way to leakage, etc. The consequence of such a condition is that the brain cells inside begin to die instantly, as they are not supplied blood and oxygen due to the damage of the arteries. Also a major cause of disability, stroke accounts for nearly 1, 30,000 deaths in the United States per year.
  • Causes: Same as CAD
  • Preventive measures: Proper health care and habits through daily exercises, good diet and enough rest.
3.Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Essentially a lung disease, COPD makes it increasingly difficult for a person to breathe, as it is progressive in nature. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are also classifiable as kinds of COPD.
  • Causes: Tobacco is identified as the main cause for this disease to take place in a person. In relation to smoking, secondhand smoke is also considered as a definite cause behind COPD. Also, air pollution is another factor thats capable of causing COPD in a person.
  • Preventive measures: Though theres no sure-shot cure for this disease, its progressive nature can be curbed by medication.
4.Lower Respiratory Infections: These infections are mostly caused in the respiratory tract, which is why they are known as lower respiratory infections. Usually, such infections comprise of bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, etc., which are at their most dangerous during an ongoing flu season.
  • Causes: Crowded places such as packed cruise ships, hotels, and other close quarters are most likely to cause an outbreak or widespread transmission of this disease.
  • Preventive measures: As one cannot stop breathing, theres no fool-proof method to safeguard oneself from this disease. However, one can use nasal masks, etc. as a preventive measure.
5.Trachea, Bronchus, and Lung Cancers: Counted among the types of respiratory cancers, trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers are all life-taking and account for about 2.9 % of all global deaths.
  • Causes: Environmental toxins, coupled with smoking and secondhand smoking are identified as the major causative factors of this disease.
  • Preventive measures: avoid smoking, even passive smoking, and use nasal masks, mouth scarves, etc.
6. HIV/AIDS: HIV, i.e. Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is the name of the virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, i.e., AIDS. According to the WHO, nearly 5,700 people are infected with the HIV virus each day, and about 39 million people have died because of AIDS till date.
  • Causes: AIDS is an STD, i.e. it is a sexually transmitted disease, but it can also be transmitted through blood contact.
  • Preventive measures: Always practice safe sex by using a condom, make sure that all needles, blades, etc. that you use for penetrating your skin are properly sterilized.
7. Diarrheal diseases: If one passes more than three stools a day for days at a stretch, the person would be suffering from diarrhea. This disease causes death by way of dehydration, as the body loses too much water and salt during diarrhea.
  • Causes: Mainly caused by intestinal infection through bacterial parasites, viruses, etc., some other causes of diarrhea include food/water contamination, improper sanitary conditions, etc.
  • Preventive measures: Thorough washing of hands, maintenance of water quality, proper sanitization. Thus, the above was a brief on the top 7 life-taking diseases of the world.
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