The importance of Heavy Breakfast

It has been observed that overweight people (read fat and obese) think that there is a magic formula that will help them lose weight. This is due to that fact that most of them do want to lose weight and in the process try every trick in the book that ranges from special diets to work outs. ??Most of them are unaware of the fact that they need to continuously work on their weight for more than 6 months to see a positive result. Some lack patience and give up the whole process and are back to square one.   The one thing that most of them get wrong is how much to eat and when to eat. One of most important meals of the day is the breakfast.  Have a heavy breakfast When we get up in the morning, our body is in a starved state as it has spent more than 8 hours without food and water. Bearing this in mind, dietician’s advice people to kick start their day with a glass of water so as to rehydrate the body. Another important fact is that we have a whole day ahead of us due to which we need enough nutrition to keep us going, delay the fatigue and also provide the required nourishments. To meet the demands of a food deprived body, one needs to have a heavy breakfast.  
  1. ??Studies have shown that people, who have a heavy breakfast, show better mental strength and agility and perform better through the day.
  2. They do not get tired easily and are able to accomplish more physical tasks during the day than people who have a light breakfast.
  3. They do not suffer from frequent pangs of hunger as done by other people.
It is important to note that the heavy breakfast must be accompanied by a nutritious lunch and an extremely light dinner.
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