Subtle Signs of Cancer That You May Miss

The regular check ups involving routine examinations such as pap smears and mammograms helps to confirm the fact that the area is malignant. But there are various subtle signs of cancer that tend to occur on a day to day basis, something that most of us tend to ignore. But these signs are vital for detecting the disease at an early stage as that increases the chances of survival. The key thing to do is to listen to the body and notice changes that are odd and unnatural. ??Some of the symptoms that can be signalling out that you are suffering from breast cancer are listed below. However, it is important to note that some of these signals may not mean anything important. You have to learn to be cautious and not paranoid.

  1. Respiratory signs:

Most patients who reported with lung cancer or thyroid cancer stated that one of the first things that they experienced was sudden loss of breath with wheezing. Most of them said that they suffered from the inability to catch breath, even when they covered a small distance. During lung cancer, there is decreased functionality of the organ and when the person is suffering from thyroid cancer, breathlessness can occur due to the presence of a nodule or tumour in the trachea or wind pipe. A person should make it a habit to visit a doctor to tackle breathing difficulties.   2. Chest issues

Pain in the chest with or without persistent cough is a sign of leukaemia and lung tumour. Besides cough, the person may also suffer from bronchitis. However, it is important to differentiate between chest pain caused due to cancer and regular infections. This can be done by observing the cycle of these symptoms. If they keep reappearing or persist for a long time, it could be related to malignancy. In some cases, the chest pain may extend to the arms. If this happens, it is time to meet a doctor.   3. Difficulty in swallowing

Oesophageal cancer is marked by the fact that the person may suffer from difficulty in swallowing. In most cases, this is also accompanied by hoarseness of voice. There may also be a sensation of something pressing on the throat in the form of thyroid cancer. The presence of a precancerous thyroid nodule is marked by the fact that the person may feel as if something is stuck in the windpipe.   4. Recurring fevers

If a person reports of frequent fever or infections, it could be an early sign of leukaemia. During this form of cancer, leukaemia can cause the bone marrow to produce abnormal white blood cells that can interfere with the functioning of the healthy white cells, decreasing the immunity of the body and its infection-fighting capacity. In most cases, doctors tend to over look the tests needed to detect leukaemia.   5. Swelling in certain regions

Doctors have to look out for swelling in certain regions in the form of enlarged lymph nodes, lumps in the area around the neck and under arms or in the groin region. The lumps signal that there are abnormal changed in the lymphatic system, which is a sign of cancer. A lump in the under arms could be an enlarged lymph node, one of the earliest signs of cancer. ??Similarly, having a painless lump in the neck region, axilla, or groin could be an early sign of leukaemia.   6. Sudden weight gain

Most of us tend to go through this syndrome, where they feel that they have suddenly gained a lot of weight, especially around the abdomen. Though it is a common phenomenon, women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer noted that their mid section tends to bloat in and out, over a long period of time and it had no relation to their menstrual cycle. Most women took this sign to realise that something was amiss with their body.   7. Appetite affected

Another sign to having ovarian cancer is that women tend to lose their appetite. Though they may not have eaten much, they do not feel exceptionally hungry or feel the need to eat more than required. ??If a woman gains excess weight, despite eating less, experiences pain in the pelvic region, then she should go for a medical check up.
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