Simple Exercise after Fracture and Bone Injuries

If you observe around, you will meet several people with bone fracture or having ailments of bone. Many elder people suffer from bone injuries, mainly people over age of 65 years. Fractured bone or bone troubles are bad enough; even a road to cross seems like a battle to surmount with having fracture in one of your body parts. Bone fracture or bone disorder is a serious problem, as a little stiff might give you immense pain; hence you have to take proper precaution and few small exercises to complete your fracture recovery. This editorial will guide you to exercise precautionary you need to take when you go through this pain and discomfort of fracture or bone troubles.   Talk to your doctor prior exercise   You need to consult your doctor prior exercise to know the exact condition of your fracture or bone disorder. Doctor will properly guide you if you can exercise or not, as they would accurately know the wound and injury you are suffering from. Therefore, make sure you talk to your doctor, if you can exercise or not.   Increase circulation after leg injury   If you have leg injury, you can perform simple exercise with restricted movements which circulates blood throughout your legs and body, and in the process avoid blood clots near the affected parts. You can do exercise on your back or lying in bed; just move your leg up and down to enhance circulation. Slowly Bend your knees and relieve as it starts paining. Contract buttocks for few seconds and release, which also boost blood flow to that area.   Walking   This would even enhance blood circulation to legs and other parts of your body, as per American Academy of Orthopedic Sciences, walking is one of the best forms of exercise one can do while they are injured or have fractured their bone. The only reason is walking is exercise with low impact appropriate for all to perform, and can be done anywhere you want plus without any extra cost or equipment to purchase.   Jumping   This exercise is good to improve blood flow in individual’s body, and also good for person who have hip injury, which is the main joints in human’s body. Several studies have shown that jumping exercises for example, jumping jacks and rope jumping showed reduce loss of bone mass in person who performed jumping exercise. Hence, probably might recover fast and ensure better blood flow.   Strengthen your muscles   Try to strengthen your muscles only when you can stand by yourself, without any help. Then stand and put weight on your legs, and try few workouts to improve muscle strength. If you cannot stand properly then take some support of wall or any furniture nearby. Do partial squats, keep your feet apart and slowly bend yourself towards the knees up to 90 to 60 degree, and again return to the original position.   Tai Chi exercise   This Chinese exercise has been used for meditation, health and relaxation for several years. Studies have shown that this exercise is beneficial for hip- bone injury. A study stated that regular Tai Chi exercise showed lesser amount of bone loss in individuals who performed it regularly, which was not the case with person who did not use this exercise. Hence this physical workout technique is vital to perform for person who is doing weight training to preserve density of their bone.   Regular exercises are generally beneficial, not only to your bones but also to the entire body. It also has some psychological effects that enhance your mood through secretion of mood hormones called ‘endorphins’. However, excessive exercising also has a down-side. It may affect your body muscles causing wear and tear as well bones may be affected if you have an existing bone condition. Therefore, whenever you have bone fracture don’t plunge yourself into extreme exercise and risk yourself. Ask to your doctor prior taking any steps and when your doctor feels comfortable start with small exercised, for instance walking, moving your leg or hands in circular motion, strengthening your muscles and many more.
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