Oil it right

You could be using the best oil in town but you will not be able to reap the benefit of its goodness if you do not do it right. Oiling is one of the most important parts of hair care and has been a part of traditional cures for hair loss in various countries. Some of the important things you must not before you purchase hair oil are:   Avoid scents– No matter how amazing the hair oil smells; try to avoid oils with strong smells. Unless you are using oil with flower extracts, it could mean that it is mixed with chemicals to get the fragrance. The more close your hair and scalp are to nature, the better for you.   Do not imitate your best friend– Just because a friend of yours uses a particular oil and has great hair does not mean that the very same oil will suit you too. Stick to the oil that suits you best.   Now coming to the main part’how to apply the oil so as to make the most of it? Once you do know the oil that suits you the best apply it through the following ways:  

Warm your oil– warm oil gets more easily absorbed in your hair and scalp. Also, the warmth helps to enhance the blood circulation in the head which ensures that the roots are well nourished.


Apply using cotton– unless you go to a salon to get the oil applied, you will not be able to reach every hair root with your finger tip. If you are applying oil on your scalp, dip a cotton ball in the oil, allow it to soak well and then rub on the scalp. It will be able to cover maximum area on the scalp.


Massage ‘ post the application, gently massage with your finger tips so that the blood circulates better. It also helps you to relax and de-stress.


Leave overnight– your scalp soaks oil better while you sleep. So to make the most of this, leave in the oil for the night.

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