Love can keep you healthy

Being in love cannot just give you an emotional high, but studies have shown that it can also ensure a better health. Here’s a quick look at how it can keep you happy.  
  1. It helps you overcome challenges- A happy relationship with your partner can help you get over daily hurdles. This means that people, who know that they have a loving figure to head back home to, are able to deal with difficult bosses, traffic jams and inflation much better.  No matter how bad the day goes or the sort of professional challenge that you have to face, when you know that you have someone to fall back to, your day goes well. The fact that there is someone who makes you feel good about your promotions, birthdays and festivals adds to the pleasure of living your life.  The security makes you feel calm and quiet and this decreases your chances of developing hypertension, diabetes and other stress related disorders.
  2. Getting warm between the bed sheets- There is evidence that proves that couples who have a healthy time between the bed sheets have a healthier heart, decreased stress and lower immunity along with glowing skin. A healthy physical relationship produces endorphins, which are also termed as happiness hormones. These keep the couple in a happy frame of mind.
  3. Decreases the level of cortisols- Cortisols are also known as stress hormones as they induce the “fight or flight situation”. As a result of this, they are under a lot of stress all the time. This increases the risk of heart disorder. Being in love will bring its share of de-stressing moments which can occur due to physical intimacy or shared laughter.  When you are in love, you tend to be really happy, thus decreasing the level of cortisols in the circulation and also keeping the heart in a healthy and happy state.
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