Facts about Dyslexia

Sometimes children having dyslexia get confused between symbolic codes, alphabets, numbers and quantities. But dyslexics have brilliant thinking skills in region of imagination, reason, abstraction and conceptualization.   Causes: There are different theories regarding the cause of dyslexia and most of them tell that the condition occurs due to genes. The condition is passed to children through parents.   The people that are disable to learn and to write is called as impairment in phonological processing. This theory considers that dyslexic people face difficulty in phonological processing more than normal people.   MRI scans prove that all the three parts of brain possesses fewer activities in dyslexics while reading as compared to the other people. If dyslexics, cerebellum do not functions well and thus the sufferers are found to face problem in co-ordination and management of time. Mostly dyslexia comes with genetic conditions, if you are a dyslexic then the chances of your child to become the same is 40-60%.   Characteristics:   Those who are suffering from dyslexia are found to have following characteristics:   Difficulty in learning languages, slow in speaking, problem in pronunciation, inappropriate use of grammar, confusion in right/left, before/after and over/under. Also, they face problem in learning numbers and addresses, confusion in alphabets and their shapes, cannot carry out quick written work, maximum spelling mistakes and poor handwriting.   Diagnosis and tests: If you want to make a test for dyslexia you have to go to a professional psychologist. The condition of dyslexia comes under the category of learning disability. The diagnosis is generally done in schools by professional teachers.   Effects: The effects of dyslexia are different in different people. Dyslexia can be dangerous as well as mild. Dyslexics fail to express themselves as they experience difficulty in speaking. This can be a negative point in schools and working atmospheres. Occurrence of Dyslexia can make people lose self-confidence. They might develop a feeling of “dumb” for themselves. Due to this they might prefer staying away from social life and school and work. Dyslexics consume 5 times more energy to complete any task as compared to non-dyslexics. They become fatigued more quickly and are blamed for not trying enough for performing any task.   Treatment: Dyslexia is not a disease so it has no cure. It is a condition which lasts for the entire life. With the help of appropriate people, dyslexics can learn to read and write. If they are taught the thing with specific rules they can act and behave like normal people. The best treatment for dyslexics is personal attention, this works very well for them.   In schools, with the help of few modifications dyslexics can succeed in academics. If given extra time for examinations they can do well. In quiet conditions, they can perform even better. If the dyslexics are unable to understand they can be explained by reading out loud one-on-one.   Dyslexics are to be handled with extreme care otherwise they might get into depression and cannot get over it.
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