Exploring the Fruit Diet

When a vegetarian discards vegetables (from plants and trees) and stick to a diet containing only fruits and nuts he/she is called a fruitarian. A fruitarian diet contains only fruits, nuts, seeds and other plant items naturally fallen from the plants or trees. You might recollect this funny scene from the movie “The Notting Hill” where Hugh Grant dates a girl who is a fruitarian. Well what seemed like a made up word (and diet) is in fact quite popular nowadays.   Some food items that can be consumed when following a fruit diet are: apples, oranges, lemons, pears etc. Also berries (strawberry, acai berry, blue berry etc.) can be eaten. Every fruit or seed or nut that is obtained without hurting (or destroying) the plant is edible for fruitarians. Hence food items like carrot, potatoes, spinach cannot be eaten when on a fruit diet.   One may think that with such limited options to choose from what must one eat when following a fruit diet. Well, nuts are a substitute for the entire protein source the body requires and the berries will give you all the anti oxidants needed. Also many people on this diet do advice eating of eggs but only from organically grown hen.   Some features of fruit diet are mentioned below:
  • People who follow a strict diet see drastic weight loss
  • The immune system of our body is strengthened.
  • Diabetics and people with high blood sugar levels should avoid this diet due to the sugar content in the fruits.
  • Following a strict fruit diet causes the body to be deficient in certain vitamins (like B12) and minerals (like zinc)
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