Early Morning Smoking can put you at Increased Cancer Risk

According to a new study, smokers who light up their first cigarette of the day right after coming out of their bed can put you at cancer risk for head, neck and lung cancer. The study further lay emphasis on the fact that early morning smokers report higher nicotine levels than the other smokers and they are usually more addicted too. Acc. to Joshua Muscat who works at Penn State College of Medicine, the reason for the same could be both genetic and personal, which might cause increased dependency on nicotine.   A comparison between 4,775 lung cancer patients and 2,835 smokers with no cancer trace till date showed the following result:   “Those smokers who light up cigarette within 30 to 60 minutes of leaving bed are at 1.3 times higher risk for developing lung cancer. Those who smoke before 30 minutes are at 1.7 times higher risk for the same cancer.”   Again, there was a separate comparison drawn between 1,055 smokers who suffered from head and neck cancer against 795 smokers with no cancer. The results were:   “Those smokers who light up between 30 t0 60 minutes of getting up are at 1.42 times higher risk for developing these cancers. And those who smoked before 30 minutes are 1.79 times more risk for the head and neck cancer”.   For such people who are in the habit of starting their day with a cigarette, smoking cessation programs prove to be highly effective. Let us now see how one can quit smoking for his entire life.   Work upon a Smoking cessation plan: it could include joining a cessation program run by government agencies or NGOs. You could also do it yourself.  
  • Mark a specific day when you will quit smoking. It could be your birthday, anniversary or even a part of your New Year resolution.
  • Begin with reducing the daily smoking number. You could even consider smoking only half a cigarette. However, before doing that take your doctor’s advice.
  • Pay attention to the factors, which trigger you to smoke. Work on avoiding these factors to happen.
  Seek help from friends and relatives: tell them about your stop smoking plans and ask them for supporting you.  
  • If anyone from your family smokes, ask them to not smoke in front of you.
  • Have someone talk to you when you feel the urge to smoke.
  Celebrate your Stop smoking day:  
  • Do not smoke on the day you plan to quit smoking. Not one puff even.
  • Throw your cigarettes, ash trays, lighters in a dustbin
  • Opt for healthy alternatives like take a morning or evening walk down the town to seek solace in the lap of Mother Nature. Pursue your hobbies like gardening, dancing etc.
Following these tips religiously, you could quit smoking easily.
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