Drinking Mistakes that We Make

No, we are not encouraging you to hit the bar and glug away. Drinking can be fun if you are having a go at plain water. In the hectic lifestyle between travelling and work, we tend to ignore the small signs that our body sends in terms of being dehydrated. Drinking water is reduced to having a few sips during meals. This is not enough for the body as water performs way too many functions.


Nothing can quench your thirst better than water but we tend to replace it with the most unlikely drinks that may actually dehydrate the body even further. Some of the most common mistakes made by us are:

  • I drink enough tea and coffee so don’t need to have more water– Tea and coffee may be good stimulants but don’t hydrate the body. In fact, coffee is one of the prime reasons that can get the body dehydrated. Nothing can replace water. So the next time you are thirsty, grab the nearest bottle and sip away.
  • I don’t like going to the washroom too often– Most of us think that drinking too much water will disturb our work as we have to keep rushing to and fro from the washroom. So drink less and sit still but this is a wrong notion as a dehydrated body cannot give its best performance. You tend to lose concentration and may not be able to give your best. Instead you should drink more water and enjoy the loo breaks.
  • I travel a lot so having too much water can be extremely inconvenient-? This is one mistake that is more often committed by women as they may not find a washroom for a long time between travels. It is a bad excuse as you don’t just deprive your body of water, but if the travel duration is long, you stand the risk of fainting half way. Plan the trip and ensure that you have a good washroom to use, irrespective of where you go.
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