Dietary Regime For Females Above 50

With the growing ages, body goes through horde of changes. This in turns slows down the level of metabolism that reduces the energy level and also affects the digestion ability of the body. Moreover, it may also lead to further medical complications like osteoporosis or diabetes. But in women, the health concern is even more complicated where they have to suffer hormonal changes after menopause.   Women after 50 may go through several complications after menopause which includes irritability, night sweats, palpitations, hot flushes, etc.  This also drops the level of estrogen from the body. Later, this turns to cause osteoporosis and cardiovascular disorders in women once she causes 50. It also reduces the rate of metabolism and higher the risk of obesity in women.   This dietary plan is planned to make sure that an ample supply of essential nutrients and keeping unremitting illness at bay.   Below given is a helpful dietary plan for women above 50  
  • Make it compulsory to eat three to four types of fruits daily. Pear, apples, oranges, sweet, lime etc. consuming one glass of fresh juice or having at least a cup of fresh grapes can be beneficial.
  • You can use roots or raw vegetables in form of salad and have it daily. Go for vegetables like onions, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage etc.
  • Drinking low fat milk daily can also prove beneficial for the bones and health of the women who crossed 50.
  • Avoid consuming refined grains, instead, have 5-10 ounces of whole grain like whole wheat, oats, brown rice etc.
  • Add beans and meat in your regular diet. Eating lean meat or having beans like soya beans and kidney beans can be helpful for your health.
  Ensure that you are consuming more nutrients and vitamins through your diet. It is also recommended to embrace micro- nutrients in your day-to-day diet schedule.  However, you should also be aware of certain restrictions that are needed to encompass your diet.  
  • Restrict yourself by eating too much of salty food. Make sure that your daily intake of salt per day must be less than 5 grams.  This is extremely important to elevate the problems of blood pressure or to mange hypertension.
  • Also, limit the consumption of red meat.  If you are vegetarian, it has lots of advantages on health including life expectancy.
  • Confine yourself by consuming fast foods and hydrogenated fats. These foodstuffs are highly trans-fats that are extremely difficult to digest. This in turn contributes to elongated risk of obesity as well as cardiac ailments.
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