Daily Consumption Of Coffee And Green Tea Reduces The Risk Of Stroke!

The new study finds that, consuming green tea or a cup of coffee daily in the morning not only makes your mood but also protects you from the risk of stroke.   This research was posted in the American Heart Association journal Stroke, which comprised about 82,369 adults in Japan. It was found that the more green tea an individual consumed, the more it trimmed down the hazards of suffering a stroke.   “It’s approximately 20 percent reduced threat of stroke in the people who consumed green tea who  imbibed  about four cups of green tea each day, compared with those who hardly ever drank this tea, exclaimed  Dr. Ralph Sacco who reviewed complete study for us. He is the former president of the American Heart Association and professor in the University of Miami.   And with a cup of coffee, medical researchers found that having just a single cup per day was linked with having about 20 % reduced risk of stroke in 13 years continuous period.   “It was actually stunned!” about this findings, said Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the chief writer of this study. Kokubo is a also a researcher at Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, National Cerebra and Department of Preventive Cardiology, Japan. He further added up saying that this was a surprising conclusion for him.  Green tea comprises catechins compounds which aids in improving the flow of blood and also regulates blood pressure. While coffee which is full of caffeine and compounds named quinides that possibly manipulates our health through various workings?   “The evidence gathered from different analysis is suggesting that coffee and green tea consumption on daily basis may be protective,” uttered Sacco.   Apart from this, some recent researches have also associated a common coffee habit to a range of health benefits. It seems to show great help in reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes and defensive outcome against Parkinson’s disease. It is really interesting to notice the changed thinking about caffeine and coffee.  Prior in 1980’s people use to avoid caffeine as even its moderate doses was considered as harmful, says survey.   A common reason that was found back then by Meir Stampfer of the Harvard School of Public Health was that the coffee drinkers tended to be chain smokers. And in before time studies, it was very difficult to straighten out these two habits. Keeping all this considerations in mind, coffee was looked out harmful in terms of health consequences, added Stampfer.   But as fresher studies started to set aside the upshots of tea and coffee, a novel image come out signifying health benefits, not hazards. Health experts believe that, coffee and green tea alone is not responsible for staying away from heart stroke, workouts and overall patterns of eating are equally essential.
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