Awareness of Diseases from Environmental Damages

As this week dedicated to propagate some awareness about environmental damages, we shall look at some of its features. Environmental damages relate to the factors in the environment that can lead to certain medical conditions or illnesses. Some examples include: air pollution, water pollution, toxins, pesticides, radiation etc. These factors are omnipresent, be it your home or workplace. The susceptibility of a person to these factors are determined by their genetic makeup and prolonged period till which they are exposed to these pollutants. However, proper precautionary steps do help stave off illnesses.   Some of the common diseases that have environmental factors connected to them are:  
  1. Lung conditions: It is caused due to the presence of pollutants in the air. Some of the common lung diseases are outlined below.
  2. Asthma: It is a condition characterized by breathing difficulty. Although most of the times it is genetic, the air pollutants do trigger it.
    1. ??Bronchitis: It is when the airway to lung gets inflamed. Certain chemicals or smoke can trigger it. It can aggravate to lung cancer.
    2. Silicosis: Overexposure to silica causes this lung disease. This is a risk factor of pottery workers.
  3. Cancer: Pesticides, herbicides and radiation are some environmental elements that can cause cancer. Research has indicated that there are over 2000 chemicals that is potentially cancer inducing (only a few have been banned).
  4. Birth defects: Serious birth defects are attributed to radiation. Pregnant women exposed to lead may give birth to a child who has nerve disorders. Mercury and lead are the major toxins responsible for birth defects. It seriously alters the physical and mental balance of children.
  5. Poisoning: It is affected in those areas with less water hygiene. Water supply with mercury in it can be very fatal for one’s health. Other chemical dumped from the factories can also cause poisoning and abdominal disorders.
Environmental factors can be negated by proper care, precautions and health checkups. But most of all it is up to the government and factories to regulate and monitor the chemicals escaping in the atmosphere.
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