Lose Weight Be Healthy

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Ever wondered why the women on the healthier side are the ones who do not suffer form weight issues. Researchers studying the health of women have made the following observations:   More than 61% of woman women visiting a gynaec’s clinic are over weight. More than 65 % of obese women tend to suffer from […]

Ladygra- “A Lady Generic Viagra”

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Most of the woman and man are similar from mental to physical state. Sometimes they differ but most of the time they are almost too similar. So at such similar standard living of both the genders why only man has Generic Viagra like easy treatment for erectile dysfunction or male impotency and why not for […]

Bid farewell to ED with generic Viagra

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Is everything as perfect in terms of male health as it was in the olden days? Definitely not! The market that is flourishing with products containing the drug called Sildenafil citrate is just skyrocketing; and the reason for this is the increase in the number of males suffering from the ill health disorder of impotency […]

Generic Viagra – Impotence can be overcome

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Men have the habit of ignoring health problems. Sometimes it may prove useful but many times it may lead to some major or complicated health problems. Neglecting sexual problems can be very dangerous, as they may have a negative impact on both physical and psychological health. The more the thoughts on health problems are suppressed, […]

Future hair loss treatments

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Alopecia is disease of unpredictable prognosis. There are many medical and non medical hair loss treatments that have helped patients fight alopecia in the last decade. Thorough reviews of all the conventional and existing methods show that none of them show a long term, substantial improvement in arresting alopecia areata and regrowing lost hair. But […]

Love can keep you healthy

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Being in love cannot just give you an emotional high, but studies have shown that it can also ensure a better health. Here’s a quick look at how it can keep you happy.   It helps you overcome challenges- A happy relationship with your partner can help you get over daily hurdles. This means that […]

Weight Loss Surgery- Beneficial or Dangerous?

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There have been recent researches that have shown that Weight loss surgery not only help you lose weight but can also reverse diabetes and other health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea etc. However, like all other surgeries, there are two sides of coins in this procedure too. It is very important […]

3 Foods to Stay away from to Prevent Impotence

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Growing old does not mean that you cannot rejoice your sexual life. Lack of sex drive, impotence and other sexual dysfunction usually occur in both women as well as men when they age. However, it is misconception that impotence is one inevitable aspect of ageing. In fact, the truth is that the foods that you […]

Facts about Dyslexia

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Sometimes children having dyslexia get confused between symbolic codes, alphabets, numbers and quantities. But dyslexics have brilliant thinking skills in region of imagination, reason, abstraction and conceptualization.   Causes: There are different theories regarding the cause of dyslexia and most of them tell that the condition occurs due to genes. The condition is passed to […]

Shooting Cannabis during Teenage Years may result in Heavy Drug Addiction, says a New Study

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Marijuana abuse among teenagers makes them prone to psychosis and heavy drug addiction; genes boost the risks.   Teenagers are more prone to the lethal effects of marijuana, say experts. The belief that marijuana is a safe drug is scientifically inaccurate and misplaced, say researchers. Scientists reached a conclusion after assessing more than 100 studies […]