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Stem Cells

Stem Cells - Introduction

The contaminations in the cell culture can be identified through changes that can be identified with the naked eye (visible) and changes that cannot be seen with naked eyes (invisible).

The visible changes include

  1. pH alteration- A change in the pH can result in change in color of the medium.
  2. Fungal infection- This can occur as a change in the turbidity or colonies of fungal organisms.

The above changes cannot be reversed due to which the culture cannot be used and has to be discarded.

Invisible changes mean that the mixture is contaminated, mostly due to mycoplasma. (Mycoplasmas are a genus of bacteria that lack a cell wall and are mostly resistant to beta-lactum antibiotics). These contaminations can spread rapidly to other cultures and are hard to eradicate. This form of contamination can cause.

  1. Chromosomal abnormalities-This is a condition in which there are abnormal number of chromosomes such as an extra copies or missing copies of a specific chromosomes or presence of chromosomes with missing or extra pieces.
  2. Cell transformation- change of structure of the cell- modification of genome.

To avoid this form of contamination, it’s mandatory to perform routine screening of all the organisms in cell cultures.

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