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NewsIn 2005, scientists at Harvard University scientists announced a break-through discovery that combines "blank" embryonic stem cells with developed skin cells, rather than with fertilized embryos, to create all-purpose stem cells viable to treat diseases and disabilities.

This discovery doesn't result in the death of fertilized human embryos, and thus would effectively respond to pro-life objections to embryonic stem cell research and therapy.

Harvard researchers warned that it could take up to ten years to perfect this highly promising process.

As South Korea, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, India and other countries rapidly pioneer this new technological frontier, the US is being left farther and farther behind in medical technology. The US is also losing out on billions in new economic opportunities at a time when our country sorely needs new sources of revenues.

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One Type Of Stem Cell Creates A Niche For Another Type In Bone Marrow

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) have the ability to self-renew and to develop into any kind of blood cell, which enables them to replenish the entire blood and immune system.

Scientists have traced these qualities to a distinct locale or niche within the bone marrow that HSCs home in on, but the identity and function of the niche-forming constituents have not been clearly defined.

Now, the precise source of HSC maintenance and regulation within the bone marrow has been discovered by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) researchers and members of a multi-institutional team.

The researchers report in a published study that the HSCs retain their unique features in response to signals from another stem cell population, the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which create a supportive bone marrow niche for the HSCs.

“This is the first demonstration that one type of stem cell can regulate another type of stem cells,” said.

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