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Sexual weaknesses in men can destroy their ego as sexual prowess is the sign of masculinity. Sexual dysfunction can occur anytime; before a relationship or after having successful relationships. Sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction means a situation where men develop problem in erection and thus affects love making. And due to weak erection, men become incapable of sexual penetration. There are number of factors that are responsible for this condition but major among them are given below:


Men are used to faulty habits and they perform this habits daily which cause them suffer from sexual issues. Smoking and alcohol consumption can cause sexual problems. Due to alcohol men develop serious problem of erection. Smoking causes hardening of the arteries that prevents the right circulation of the blood to the reproductive system. If the penile tissues don’t get enough blood supply, one cannot get erections. Hyper tensions and blood pressure ruins the blood flow structure and that cause the insufficient supply of blood resulting into sexual weakness.  Such diseases are mostly responsible for sexual issues in men.


If in some accidents damage occurs to penile nerves, it can reduce the efficiency of the men to get erections. Such conditions are seen after accidents and surgeries in pelvis region. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins is dangerous for men. Malnutrition is one of the main causes of getting sexual weakness. If minerals are insufficient reproductive organs fail to work and thus affect the erection ability of the men.


Psychological problems can be dangerous for the health. Depression, anxiety and stress are the major cause of sexual weakness in men. These psychological problems make the hormone level imbalanced and obstruct the blood flow to the reproductive organs. There are many drugs that can cause men to develop sexual problems. Many prescribed drugs cause erection dysfunction in men. Antidepressants and tranquilizers can cause such problems. These medicines can obstruct the proper working of the body and brain. Also excess masturbation, local injury, bigger size of prostate gland, syphilis, mumps, excessive alcohol, drugs intake can cause erections dysfunction in men.


There are many drugs and medications available in the market for treating sexual issues. Make sure you are consulting the professional and then are consuming the drugs. Herbals supplements and drugs are also responsible for treating the sexual dysfunction. But natural ingredients do not have any side-effects, Natural supplements improve the blood flow in the entire body and gives desired results. An individual’s mind can get affected by the depression, exertion, fatigue, tiredness and low state of mind and thus reduces the person’s ability of having sex. If a person already has some disease, one cannot get erections without curing the previous disease. For example Diabetes, because of it many men are found to have sexual problems.


Also, major problem behind developing sexual issues is the lifestyle of the generations. People work continuously and do not get time to exercise and food consumed in work time is junk. This can lead to serious problems in relationships and their personal life. For everything to go well you can prepare a schedule and can perform accordingly.

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