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Sexual dysfunction has become a common problem faced in varying degrees by both males and females. Recent studies point out that a large number of males and females experience some form of sexual dysfunction at some stage in life. With the age, the problems seem to become more severe. Sexual dysfunction in males may be due to several reasons such as lack of desire to have sex, failure to get or maintain an erection, premature climax and erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotency. Majority of men are seen to suffer from ED or impotency at some point in life. Male sexual enhancement drugs/medications that treat ED problems have gained popularity amongst men.


New age sexual enhancement drugs/medications:

These new age male enhancement pills address the various problems men suffer in their sexual life. These problems can be in the form of low sex drive, weak erections, early climaxs, short term erections, low confidence to perform sex and less pleasurable sensation while performing sex. In simple terms, sex enhancement drugs/medications for men are designed to control impotency problems by facilitating better sexual performance. To treat ED, there are oral medications available namely generic Viagra (sildenafil), generic Levitra (vardenafil) and generic Cialis (tadalafil).


These new age sexual enhancement drugs/medications work by the way of increasing the nitric oxide levels in the blood which relaxes the blood vessels and muscles in the male organ for reproduction. Consequently, the blood flow in the male organ for reproduction increases and an individual can experience an erection. No matter the reason for which you are suffering ED, all these medications have proven to be extremely beneficial in treading ED problems. According to recent studies, generic Viagra is popular among males as sexual enhancement drug of all ages especially amongst college students.


Side effects of sexual enhancement drugs/medications:

Most such medications have reported some or the other form of side effects but most are mild ones. The common side effects of these sexual enhancement drugs include flushing, headache, upset stomach, diarrhea, nasal stuffiness and dizziness. In rare cases, men have experienced erection that last for long hours. In such events, one is advised to consult a doctor.


About generic male enhancement pills/medications:

Generic sexual enhancement drugs render the same benefits as their brand name counterparts albeit a lower rate. These generic drugs are affordable, safe and effective in treating impotency problems. Some people associate the term ‘generic’ to inferior quality drugs. However, in the world of medicines, the term ‘generic’ is used to cite the product that includes same active ingredients as that of the brand-name drug. The generic drugs are similar in terms of potency, dosage and the method of supervision.



The new age sexual enhancement drugs can treat sexual dysfunction in males effectively. However, it is important that you avoid taking directive or non-directive drug especially to increase your male organ for reproduction size. Several men consume these male enhancement pills/drugs as they are not confident of their sexual performance. Obviously, manliness of men is not depended on the use of these male sexual enhancement medication. These drugs have helped in improving the confidence level in men.

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